Trivia Recap – April 19, 2016 – Powell’s Pub

“Generation Double X” made a second visit to Powell’s Pub in Ypsilanti Monday for a My Trivia Live game. No prizes, scored 56 cumulative points. Spent our prize money from last week, so moods were good all around! Heather started things off solo, but was joined in the second half by “helpers” Mike and John. Meaning they not only helped answer questions, but helped spend the $30 that had to be spent in one night. Wound up tied for second at the end of the first half, and also at the end of the second half, but flubbed the final question, though we thought our guess was pretty good…oh well, them’s the breaks! Can’t win ’em all. There were a couple of “iffy” questions in terms of wording, but we’ll get to those in a bit!
Round One
1. Composers – Also the name of a 1984 film about his life, what was composer Mozart’s middle name? Five points.
2. Bowling – What are the maximum number of balls (heh…we said “balls”) that can be thrown in a tenth frame of a 10-pin bowling game? Junior high bowling league flashback time, 1 point.
3. Movies – What soccer player’s name is mentioned in the title of a 2002 Keira Knightley film? Three points.
Round Two
1. Ingredients – What is the more common name for sodium bicarbonate? Five points.
2 Sounds – For a constant sound wave, what is the measure of the time interval between successive crests? Huh? Miss for 1.
3. Food – Feta cheese is associated primarily with what country? For extra point, what fruit is used to make melba sauce? Got the cheese correct, but lost out on all of these points for flubbing the fruit. The fruit wanted for the answer is NOT the most common fruit associated with this dessert, nor is it the only fruit used to make this sauce! But that’s all we’re going to say about that. Balls…
Round Three
1. Musicals – What musical features the romance between Curley McLain and Laurey Williams? Five points.
2. Kids’ TV – According to the song, how is the air on “Sesame Street?” Damn, should have looked this answer up when More Beer Less Pants had this as a question in one of their recent games. Keira Knightley was asked about in Sunday’s Sporcle Live Pub Champions League Championship, and another question about the previously mentioned musical came up in a Sporcle game Thursday. It’s always interesting to see how these questions get passed around between the two leagues like a…we’ll let you guys figure out the rest of this sentence! Missed this for 1.
3. Islands – Mount Etna is located on which island? Miss for 3.
Halftime: Name four of the six African nations that lie on the Equator. NOTE: Just because the country’s name contains the word “Equator,” it is not necessarily correct! 🙂 Got three of these correct for six points. The host mentioned that “Congo” was not an acceptable answer. Really? What is this, amateur hour? 🙂
Six teams battled it out, with One is the Loneliest Number logging 17, Ham Wallets 22, ??? with 24, Says who with 25, Generation Double X with 26, and Dan Smith/Combat Wombats tied with 30.
Second Half
Round Four
1. Words – Brogues are a type of what? Newsletter answer, 6 points.
2. Disney Characters – What is the first name and middle initial of the mouse who is Dumbo’s best friend? Our guess of “Mite E.” was not correct…miss for 2.
3. U.K. TV – What British period drama first aired in 2011 and earned 27 primetime emmy nominations? Four points.
Round Five
1. Desserts – What layered Italian dessert commonly contains fruit and nuts? Miss for 2.
2. Sheet Music (yay a band question!) – What does a dot found above or below a musical note mean? Six points.
3. Mythology – According to Greek mythology, Persephone ate which fruit? There was more to this question than this, got this easily for 4.
Round Six
1. Actors – What former American football player played Julius on “Everybody Hates Chris,” appeared in “Idiocracy,” and has appeared in Old Spice commercials? Six points.
2. Boxers – What boxer was born Jan. 28, 1912 and would later go on to fight boxer Jake LaMotta several times? Miss for 2.
3. Lakes – Which Great Lake forms the thumb of Michigan? Four points.
Heading into the final: One is the Loneliest Number, 49; ??? 42; ??? 55, Generation Double X/Ham Wallets 56; and Combat Wombats/Dan Smith, 58.
Final Category: Presidents
Because of his loyalty to the Confederacy, who was the only U.S. president to be covered with a Confederate flag when buried, making him the only president to be buried with a foreign flag? Picked another southern president, but didn’t go back quite far enough 😦 Ham Wallets finished in third with a zero wager, 56; and Says Who finished in first. Did not catch who finished second. Will be at it again Wednesday at Wurst, as always, Go Generation Double X!

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