Trivia Recap – July 28, 2016 (Venue Tourney, ABC Microbrewery)

Special shout out to Sporcle Live team Ennui who won a spot in the upcoming league championship Aug. 7 at 59 West Banquet Center! They weaved through a labyrinth of tough, tough questions. Thanks Kevin for providing the question set and commentary. This photo is the only team photo I have of Ennui, but if Kevin has another team photo he likes better, I’ll happily swap it out. And here are the questions, which have been copied/pasted from Excel.
1. 60’s Music –
Who was the 2nd artist/group after Elvis Presley to spend 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts, with songs such as Sherry and Big Girls Don’t Cry?
(Correct for 5, thanks to Holly)

2. TV Channels
Which TV channel, with shows such as Switched at Birth, Young and Hungry, and Monica the Medium was formerly known as ABC Family
(Correct for 10 – Dylan and Kevin at least knew right away, Kevin correctly thought when watching a Harry Potter re-run on this network that this would be a Sporcle trivia question at some time because they kept on promoting the name change this winter)
3. Genetics
Which has more chromosoes in each of its cells than a human? (Multiple choice – cat, potato, dolphin, oat)
(Correct for 4 after some debate)

4. Slogans
What three word phrase originated in the UK for when rail passengers crossed open space between the train and platform?
(Correct for 9, I believe multiple people know right away)
5. Europe
Which country is divided in 9 states, including Salzburg and Tyrol?
(Correct for 8, as Salzburg was the big giveway)
6. Retailers
Which clothing retailer founded in 1975 in Carlsbad, CA, was named after the founder’s favorite French dessert?
(Miss for 1–nobody had a clue)

7. Authors
What American author wrote 20 novels besides her most famous series, including Anastasia, Sam, and the Gooney bird series
(Correct for 2, as Elizabeth pulled that one out of nowhere)

8. Power Hitters
What active MLB player has more career HR than anyone else debuting in the 21st century?
(Correct for 3, Kevin thought about going 7 or 6 and luckily that didn’t burn us)

9. Animated Films
Name one of the two Pixar films nominated for an Academy Award Best Picture (name both for a bonus point)?
(Correct for 7 and no bonus point, but luckily Tim doesn’t care about order on the sheet like an older host did, as our first answer was wrong and 2nd was correct)

10. Historic Places
Hearst Castle, former home of William Randolph Hearst and a national landmark, is in which US state?
(Correct for 6 and another Elizabeth special)

Mystery Round (2 points each)
We were told ahead of time that all four answers added up to 25:

1. Number of states ending in the letter ‘O’ (+2 as a group effort)
2. Number of current Canadian NHL franchises without a Stanley Cup (+2, courtesy of Kevin)
3. Total number of categories each player will score in Yahtzee, excluding bonuses (+2, all Dylan on this one)
4. Number of members currently in the New Kids on the Block (+2, I think Holly & Dylan mind-melded on this one)
(All correct for 8 points, with #3 and #4 being the toughest ones)

Final Question – Musicals

There are five correct answers, but list two (note that Wolverine only made teams list one)

In the 1960s five movie musicals received nominations for the Academy Award Best Picture, but didn’t win. Name two of them.

We got one, but did not get two. Only one team got it right to win the round, but luckily they weren’t a qualified team. Ennui bet 15 and finished 2nd for the round and still maintained a solid lead going into Game 2 due to bonus and performance in the normal questions.

Second Round

1. Nobel Prizes
Although he was nominated five times, as early as 1937, what man never won the Nobel Peace Prize, causing the committee to eventually announce it as the greates omission in its history?
(Correct for 6, due to an educated guess)

2. Cars
In the 1960s, what American car manufacturer produced the Country Squire, Galaxie, and Custom models?
(Correct for 10, all due to Eric. If we had gotten another 10 pointer wrong on cars, there would have been a ban on 10 point wagers on cars in the future 🙂 ! )

3. Counties
DeKalb, Cobb, and Gwinnett and the three most populous counties in which state?
(Correct for 9–Eric lived there and Kevin worked for a company based in that state and visited the major city multiple times)

4. Music Videos
What 1996 single by Beck was the first music video to be played on MTV2?
(Wrong for 5–Kevin’s fault for not going lower)

5. Habitats
How many continents are natural habitats to any species of tiger?
(Correct for 3–Elizabeth nailed one assertion there)

6. Roller Coasters
Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA holds the world record for the amusment park with the most roller coasters. Within 2, how many roller coasters does it have? For a bonus point, name the country that has the most roller coasters after the US.
(Correct for 1 on a nice team guess that was one away from being exact, but no bonus, although the correct answer was brought up by Holly right away)

7. Live-Action Disney
What 2007 sequel premiered to the highest number of viewers of any Disney Channel original movie?
(Correct for 7 – nice team guess on a high point value question)

8. Websites
What is the most-visited website in the US that also has a chain of stores?
(Correct for 2 – luckily the team listed to Holly and Dylan (I think they were the ones stumping for it, and not Kevin!)

9. NFL Firsts
In 1948, with the addition of horn drawings, what current NFL franchise became the first professional football team to feature a graphic on their helmet?
(Correct for 8–it was a lot of points to put on an educated guess, but we didn’t want to have 8 on captions, and that was correct. I went with the team that was older, and it worked)

10. Captions
In 1972, what PBS cooking show hosted by Julia Child became the first TV program to be accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people?
(Wrong for 4–good thing we didn’t leave the 8 for this question)

Mystery Round (2 points each)
Name the most popular baby name of 2015 (matching baby gender with the show character gender – spelling had to match).

1. Boy Meets World – Cory or Shawn? (Miss)
2. Saved by the Bell – Kelly, Jessica, or Lisa? (Correct for 2)
3. Friends – Monica, Phoebe, or Rachel? (Correct for 2)
4. The Big Bang Theory – Leonard, Sheldon, Howard or Rajesh (Miss)

Final Question – USA at the Olympics

Of the 49 current sports disciplines (note that this is disciplines for men and women combined, i.e. ‘swimming’ and not individual swimming events, such as ‘100 m freestyle’) that have been contested in at least five different Olympics, there are five disciplines in which the USA has never won any medals.
One is a Winter Olympics discipline and four are Summer Olympics discipliens. Name any one of these five disciplines.

(Correct for 2 points. My top 4 choices were correct, so we were in good shape here. Ennui had a commanding 116 to 93 lead (trailing by 3 for Round2 only going into the final 20 point question, so we bet the most we could bet without losing with a commanding lead, a la Cliff Clavin in Cheers, and just decided to forego winning another gift certificate for the round. It sounded like many teams got it right. We still got 4th for the round with a 2 point bet!

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