Trivia Recap Jan. 5, 2016 – Maiz Mexican Cantina

Three ‘Pods visited MAIZ Mexican Cantina for Sporcle Live with Rachel Sue Monday and got a second place gift card in game one after (get your defibrillators ready) getting an SNL final question right! Yeah, that’s not normally a very strong category for us, so woo hoo? ‘Pods in attendance included Heather, Mike and Brad. A “former” ‘Pod named Chris was also in the house, and his team “Anthropods”managed to get a first place in game two on a tiebreaker question he nearly nailed dead-on (we’ll get to the details on that later). Nice work, Chris! We’ve come to terms with you “dumping” us, and we hope you really (grabs tissue) enjoy going out and seeing other trivia teams (sniffle). Yeah, we know it was us, not you! We’ve seen a lot of what the trivia world can do, and it’s breaking our hearts in two (all right, enough butchering Cat Stevens lyrics, get on with the damn re-cap). Sheesh, all right…
Game One
1. Opening Tracks – “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” is the opening track from what Michael Jackson studio album? An easy 10, but there were teams that actually missed this, believe it or not…really?
2. ’00s Movies – The 2006 film “The Departed” is set primarily in what U.S. city? Nine points.
3. Rivers – The two major tributaries of the Nile River are the White Nile and what other colorful river? Five points.
4. Managers – Audio clue of a baseball manager that we missed for 2.
5. Reality TV – During its first season in 2003, the cast of what reality TV show included MC Hammer, Corey Feldman and Emmanuel Lewis? Good job Mike, but only for 1.
6. Vehicles – What brand of American automobile first produced for the military in World War 2 has long used the mantra “go anywhere, do anything?” Eight points.
7. Birds- What type of bird was once regularly used by the mining industry to detect levels of toxic gases in the mine? Seven points, and pay attention – this question kind of ties in with question #9. Let’s see if someone makes the connection!
8. Nicknames – Robert John Burck is better known by what nickname while he is performing in Times Square? And apparently not enough of us bother to watch TV on New Year’s Eve. And he’s not technically naked. Miss for 3.
9. Musicians – John Densmore, Stewart Copeland, and Jimmy Chamberlin are best known for playing what instrument? For nerd bonus, with what band is John Densmore associated? Heather got both of these for 6 because she is a big fan of the band the second guy is in. Another clue for the question #7 tie-in…anyone? Anyone? Lots of groans, lots of teams probably missed this.
10. Food origins – What type of stew originating in Eastern Europe gets its name from the Hungarian for “herdsman?” Four points.
Mystery – Name These People – give first and last names of the following people, whose initials will become the name of a newscaster.
1. Official mascot of “MAD” magazine.
2. American TV executive and former chairman of NBC Sports.
3. English director of “Blade Runner” and “Gladiator.”
4. Actor known for series featuring his wife Harriet and sons David and Ricky
Missed #2, though we made a really, really good guess of Dick Enberg… 😦
Heading into the final: Ten teams with scores ranging from 20 to 64, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers taking the top spot. We were in second playing under the name “We’re Definitely, Definitely Not Wearing Our Underwear” with 60 points.
Final category: SNL
The three youngest Saturday Night Live cast members (at the time of their first appearance) all debuted on the show in the 1980s. Name two of those three cast members.
And we knew all three of these! The category scared us, so we had a little debate about what to wager. Brad and Mike wanted “zero, zero, zero.” Heather wanted to wager five points, insisting “We’re not wagering zero on this!” Our “compromise” was to wager four points. Why? Who knows!
Final standings; Miskatonic U., 64, LLUA, 84.
Game Two
1. Comics – Dick Grayson was the first alter ego of which DC Comics Superhero who debuted in 1940? Ten points.
2. Boxing – In Olympic boxing, what weight class is between middleweight and lightweight – welterweight, bantamweight, flyweight, or featherweight? Nice Brad, who said “I don’t know anything about boxing” before the question was asked. Yes, you do, Brad. Yes, you do! 🙂 Nine points.
3. Actresses – Julianne Moore won the Academy Award for best actress in 2014 for portraying a character with what ailment? For nerd bonus, what was the name of the film? Yay Heather for knowing a “recent” movie question (she’s normally hit or miss on those), 8 points.
4. Holiday Songs (gag) – What is the first “human” gift in the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song? Seven points.
5. TV Gags – On the sketch comedy show “You Can’t Do That on Television,” what three-word phrase usually resulted in a cast member being slimed? Six points.
6. State Capitals – Measured by a straight line distance, what is the closest capital to Helena, MT? Lots and lots of discussion, but miss for 1.
7. SCIENCE! – What is a nine-letter term for tissue that is softer than bone but more rigid than muscle? Five points.
8. Logos – In order, what are the colors in the eBay logo? Miss for 2. But there was a team that got it, actually…
9. Sports Movies – What actor played Ty Cobb in the 1994 biopic “Cobb?” Guessed wrong actor who happened to also previously play baseball. Too handsome to play Ty Cobb, though!
10. Vitamins – In 1995, Betty Rubble was added as a character in Flintstones vitamins, replacing what other item? Miss for 4.
Visual mystery: #4.
Heading into the final: Nine teams with scores ranging from 32 to 59, with former ‘Pod Chris’ team “The Anthropods” taking the top spot. We were in fourth playing under the name “Three Minutes to Wapner.”
Final category: state borders
The Mason-Dixon line, as originally surveyed by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in the 1760s, forms part of the borders of four U.S. states. Name three of those four states.
We bet 20 and only managed to get one of them. Shooting for Penultimate and The Anthropods had to answer this tiebreaker: “To the nearest mile, what is the straight-line distance between San Francisco and Washington, D.C.?” Chris from Anthropods guessed 2,435, which was three miles off from the correct answer of 2,438! Did not write down what the other team’s guess was, but Heather’s guess from the ‘Pods was 2,374 miles, which would be 64 miles off. Not a great first night for the ‘Pods, but we will be back at it tonight at Heidelberg in Ann Arbor. Feeling things out like a blind man in an orgy… Go Pods!

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