Trivia Recap Jan. 19, 2016 – Maiz Mexican Cantina

We visited MAIZ Mexican Cantina Monday forSporcle Live with Rachel Sue. No gift cards, and kind of a “meh” finish for the night, but as always, we shall keep our lips stiff and soldier on! ‘Pods in attendance were Heather, Mike, Brad, and Dave. And the questions….
1. Toys – what company, known for its toy trucks, has a name that means “great” or “big” in the Sioux language? An easy 10 points.
2. Military Weapons – What common English term is used to describe a submarine dating back to World War I? Nine points.
3. Sequels – Widely panned by critics, “The Quickening” is the subtitle to what 1996 film starring Christopher Lambert? Well, I guess there could be more than one….8 points.
4. TV Settings – Which of the following sitcoms was set in a different city than the other three? Punky Brewster, Suddenly Susan, According to Jim, and Family Matters? Heather and Dave teamed up here with success for 3.
5. Borders – One of the world’s longest rivers, the Amur River, forms a border with what country bordering China? MIss for 4.
6. SCIENCES! – Enology and viticulture are sciences that deal with the study of what? Off our radar, miss for 1.
7. Madonna – Name one of the two #1 singles with a single word released by Madonna. For nerd bonus, name both. Heather all over this, got the points, but not the bonus for 7.
8. Olympic Sports – The iron cross is a skill performed on what gymnastic apparatus? Brad got this for 6.
9. Actresses – What actress has appeared in Inside Man, Panic Room and Flight Plan? Heather for 5.
10. Gaming – In total, how many picks (sp?) are on a standard pair of dice? Three points.
Mystery: All About Bowie
1. What single, released in 1969 and 1973, was his first top 40 hit?
2. In the 2006 film “The Prestige, Bowie played what real-life inventor and engineer?
3. From 1992 until his death, Bowie was married to what Somalian model?
4. In 1985, Bowie teamed up with what other singer on the single “Dancing in the Streets?”
Talked ourselves out of the right answer for #1. Shake it off! Whew!
Heading into the final: Eleven teams with scores ranging grom 25 to 67, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers posting a perfect game. We were in fourth with 59 points.
Final Category: Populations
In North America, which includes the Caribbean islands, what is the most populous city that is entirely on an island?
Three out of the four players present wanted to wager zero. And the fourth player, who didn’t want to wager zero, decided to take charge of answer slips for part of game two, but no worries, there were no domestic disturbances resulting from this act (though there was a little bit of whining) ! 🙂 Ugh, we were way off on this. See, that’s the problem with wagering zero. It enables you to be lazy and not “work” on the answer. This was not an impossible category for us by any means! Had we wagered, we would have come up with the right answer.
Game winners; Tequila Mockingbird, LLUA.
Game Two
1. Debut Albums – Alicia Keys’ debut album has a title that references what musical key? Nice, Dave, best single point of the night, bro!
2. Books – The 1961 satirical novel “Catch 22” is set during what war? For nerd bonus, who wrote the book? Everyone got the nerd point, but not all teams picked the correct war. We got this for 10.
3. Audio clue – actress married to one of the Coen Brothers in a 1996 film role. Had to ID the actress, Dave and Heather teamwork here for 5 points.
4. Countries – What country is officially known as the “Hellenic Republic?” Too easy, 9 points.
5. Tennis Stars – what tennis star won 8/9 French Open titles between 2005 and 2014? Heather prayed for this category to be about ’80s tennis, but Dave wound up coming up with the correct name for 3. He said knowing this made him feel “dirty,” lol…
6. Cable TV – What basic cable channel founded in 1992 used the slogan “Imagine Greater?” Miss for 2.
7. Measurements – A Newton measures what – force, power, pressure or work? Eight points.
8. Company Names – What company known for its candy and chocolate is named for a chemist who developed a means of making a hardened shell for ice cream? Unsure if any teams got this one, miss for 4 for us.
9. Song lyrics – What is the only U.S. state mentioned in the Otis Redding song “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay?” Classic rock experts Dave and Brad for 7. And this brought up a memory of the Skynyrd “Mussels Shoal” question from the previous league championship…
10 Discoveries – In what decade was the wreckage of the Titanic found by Robert Ballard? Off by one decade, d’oh! Six points in the toilet.
Mystery: Got them all.
Heading into the final: Ten teams with scores ranging from ?? to 63 with ??? team posting the top score (notes got kind of fuzzy after this, sorry). We were in sixth with 52 points.
Final category: Academy Award Nominated Actresses
What actress received an Academy Award nomination for her role in a 2008 film, making her the youngest actress to receive six nominations? Nope, picked a woman whose first nomination was for a 2005 film. And didn’t have that many nominations. C’est la vie…we were settling our tab and didn’t record who the game winners were. Until next time, Go Pods!

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