Man of Steel Trivia – June 14, 2013 – Max & Erma’s (Livonia)

A fun night of Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia followed by a viewing of Man of Steel, though some of us are still borderline hallucinating from lack of sleep, lol. Great, great movie, though! A lot of bonus points were thrown around that don’t actually count toward the league, but bonus points notwithstanding we walked away with 119 solid league points and one first place prize from Max & Erma’s Livonia. One of our players happened to read up on the topic of the “Superman” actors’ (both TV and movie) ages a couple of days before the game, which was quite handy, because that is precisely what the final question was about (we’ll get to that later). Quite a happy coincidence…perhaps someone on our team is developing psychic-based superpowers? Hmmm…. flight and invincibility are nice, but predicting final “Sporcle” questions would be a nice superpower too, lol…We missed zero questions in round one and hiccuped just slightly in round two, winding up in first place going into the final question.

A sampling of some of the superhero-themed questions from Thursday:
1. Which “Superman” villain introduced in 1964 was from Krypton and had the same powers as Superman? He was portrayed by Terence Stamp in one of the movies.
2. The first video game featuring Superman repairing a bridge destroyed by Lex Luthor was released for what platform?
3. Who recorded the 1991 album “Pocket Full of Kryptonite?”
4. Dean Cain from “Lois and Clark” played football for what Ivy League university?
5. What Superman film was directed by two different directors?
6. What comedian played villain Gus Gorman in “Superman 3?”
7. On what TV network did the animated series “Justice League” air between 2001-2004? Our first wrong question of the night…
8. What actor portrayed Superman actor George Reeves in “Hollywoodland?” Also got this one wrong.
9. “Man of Steel” is a name of a 1983 country music album by an artist nicknamed “Bocephus.” Name this artist.
10. What “Superman” actor appeared in the 2006 film “Superman Returns” despite having been dead for two years?

First game visual mystery round was images from various “Superman” films, had to name the films. Second game mystery round a bit tougher, had to name which “Superman” villain appeared first out of a choice of two. We were 50/50 on this mystery round, but aced the visual one.

The final question: Had to put the following “Superman” actors (TV and movies) in order from youngest to oldest (at the time the movie or TV show premiered):
1. Henry Cavill
2. Dean Cain
3. George Reeves
4. Tom Welling
5. Christopher Reeve

Ours was the only team (out of 13 total teams) to get the final question correct. Two of the actors are separated by mere MONTHS. Bravo Sporcle for coming up with a great brain-busting question. We’re still amazed we actually knew the answer! We’re quite skilled at blowing final questions even after having good regular-round games. We’ll take it. Go Pods!

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