All-Zombie Trivia! Recap June 20, 2013 – Max & Erma’s (Livonia)

June 20, 2013

Not your ordinary trivia night on Wednesday for zombies-themed trivia at Max & Erma’s Livonia! Four teams were tied for first at the end of game one (including ours) – all with perfect games, two teams were tied for #1 AFTER the sole final question (also including ours). And it’s certainly not every trivia night where the trivia host dons theatrical zombie makeup and threatens to eat the brains of any trivia player who decides to misbehave by cheating, shouting out answers, or spelling “Kyrgyzstan” incorrectly. OK, we’re just kidding about the last part…
As expected, the questions were largely movie-based, with some questions about books, minor league baseball (we’ll get to that one later) and even world capitals thrown in just to spice things up. And because the theme night was inspired by this weekend’s release of “World War Z,” there were a few questions about it, too.
Without further ado, here are the questions (some may be paraphrased for brevity) of which we were asked to pry answers from our juicy brains. BRAINS! BRAINS! A little horror movie humor there 🙂
1. In “World War Z,” what actor plays Gerry Lane?
2. What term describes the breakdown of society following an initial zombie attack?
3. “World War Z” followed what 2003 book by the same author which landed on the New York Times Best Seller list?
4. Name one of the two actresses portraying the con-artist sister characters in “Zombieland?
5. What animated group of friends traveled to “Zombie Island” in a straight-to-DVD release in 1998?
6. In what 2008 Seth Rogen film did he play on a hockey team called the “Monroeville Zombies?” This was the first question of the night we did not immediately know, but we wound up getting it right.
7. What Irish band released a protest song called “Zombie” in 1994?
8. Only one world capital city, “Zagreb” begins with the letter “Z.” name the country for which it is the capital. Our Europe expert Brad, who knows all the Europe capitals and its geography fairly well, saved our butts on this one…
9. What famous director has been referred to as the “Godfather of Zombies?”
10. What survival/horror video game was originally released in ’96 for the PlayStation?
Mystery round: Match the movie director to the movie they directed:
Directors: Marc Forster, Francis Lawrence, Paul Anderson and Wes Craven
Movies: I am Legend, World War Z, Resident Evil and Serpent and the Rainbow.
Game two:
1. Whose zombie video featuring sinister dialogue by Vincent Price and won a grammy for best video in 1985?
2. Simon Pegg starred in what 2004 zombie comedy?
3. “World War Z” director Marc Forster directed what 2001 film featuring Billy Bob Thornton and Heath Ledger? Womp-womp….our first incorrect answer of the night. We put “Lords of Dogtown.” Only four years off, lol…
4. In what nation is “28 Days Later” set?
5. What actor played “Ash” in the “Evil Dead Trilogy?”
6. What actress portrays “Alice” in the “Resident Evil” film series?
7. What director/musician/film director directed “The House of 1,000 Corpses?”
8. What WWE wrestler has had two polar opposite identities – one as an undead occult figure and the other a biker? The males on the team came through on this one, the female had no f—ing clue. That’s why it’s a team game, folks!
9. What independent minor league baseball team held a zombie-themed promotion in 2011 in which zombies took over the stands during the game? NO teams got this one correct…We put “The Tallahassee Rick Grimes.”
10. The British band “The Zombies” had three top 10 hits on the Hot 100 charts. Name two of them.
Mystery round was visual featuring “Marvel Zombies.” A couple of us took the related Sporcle quiz last week when we were preparing for the “Man of Steel” trivia night, so we aced this one.
The top four leading into the final question:
4. Sticky Bandits
2. (tied for second)Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods
1. Calrissian Rhapsody
The final question: Besides “Night of the Living Dead,” name three other movies from the famous George Romero zombie film series with release dates of ’78, ’85, ’05, ’07, and ’10.
Our team was tied with Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish after the final and flunked the tiebreaker (womp womp!). Had to guess the domestic box office take for “Zombieland.” RRFF were closest, winning first place and a $10 gift card. We got a $5 gift card and 123 league points (no newsletter points given out).
A fun night overall….Go Pods!

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