Trivia Recap July 16, 2015 – Corner Brewery

 – magellananimaniacs


We had a somewhat triumphant return to Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery Wednesday forSporcle Live Trivia with Kuma. That is, if by “somewhat” we mean a decent game one and a game two where we threw away points as though they were gum wrappers. A’yup! It’s all part of our attempt to re-invent ourselves as the team that just doesn’t give a f— about points, qualifying for tournaments, or anything at all except occasionally winning some beer money. Which, unfortunately, requires us to care at least a little bit about points. But just a little bit…
We had just three players for about half of game one, then our magical leprechaun Brad showed up – just in time to get an NBA question right! Yes, he usually sucks at NBA questions, but he knew this one!
And the questions…
Game One
1. Coins: What woman appeared on a US coin from 1979 until 1981 before production was halted due to poor public reception?
2. Rock Bands: What rock band’s 1980 album The Game was their only to reach #1 on the Billboard 200 in the US?
3. The Simpsons: On the Simpsons, the recurring character Jeff Albertson is better known by what name? Heather hit the home run here.
4. Logos: The logo from Dreamworks Animation depicts a boy sitting on a crescent moon holding what item?
5. Title Characters: What actress made a cameo appearance as herself in a 1995 film starring Wesley Snipes in which she was a title character? Bonus: What was the name of Wesley Snipes’s character?
Nice work John Boy. Too bad we couldn’t come up with the bonus point, though we did at least guess another character’s name from that movie.
6. Science: What is the name of the scientific discipline concerned with naming and classifying groups of living or fossilized organisms on the basis of shared characteristics? And John again.
7. NBA Players: As of 2015, who is the most recent NBA Most Valuable Player who was not born in the US? He won the award in 2007.
Begorrah, Brad! Way to show up just in time.
8. First Names: What is the given first name of presidential candidate H. Ross Perot: Herbert, Henry, Harold, or Hunter?
Our venue did not have multiple choice. We incorrectly guessed Hiram.
9. Explorers: Which Portuguese explorer was killed in the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines in 1521? And this one was of two questions during this night that Heather remembered the answer to partially because of the animated series “Animaniacs.” It is pure trivia gold…
10. Recalls: In 2003, Gray Davis was recalled as the governor of which US state? Brad the hero.
Mystery Round: Add Em Up to the number in the title of a 1984 single by Sammy Hagar
1. The number of letters in the first word of the US Declaration of Independence
2. The number of years that we’ve been on our own according to the lyrics of Don Maclean’s “American Pie.”
3. The larger of the two numbers in the title of a 2004 film starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo.
4. The number whose German translation is “elf.”
Easily the easiest “add ’em up” mystery round ever. Of all time.
We were in first place out of a dozen teams or so with 64 points heading into the final. What better way to ruin that than by getting a sucky final question category? Yes, please!
Final Category: Sports Championships (see what we mean?)
Final Question: Among all US cities with more than one team in the main four professional sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL), name three of the six cities that have gone the longest without a championship title. Each has been waiting more than 25 years.
We wound up in third place after the final by wagering zero.
Game Two
1. Voices: In advertisements, what candy brand has used the voiceover talents of Phil Hartman, John Goodman, J.K. Simmons, Billy West, and Vanessa Williams? Brad again with the right guess.
2. Sci Fi Films: Audio clip of from a 2001 comedy including the line “There’s always time for lubricant!” Mike and John teamed up here.
3. Famous Americans: Serving from 1801 until 1835, who is the longest serving Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court? Bonus: Who was the first Chief Justice? Got the nerd point, but not the main question.
4. Zodiac: Which sign has a name that means “archer” in Latin?
5. Country Songs: What 1992 single by Billy Ray Cyrus was nominated for two Grammy Awards including Record of the Year? And here is another question that “Animaniacs” (in particular “Pinky and the Brain”) helped us remember. Bubba Bo-Bob Brain. Funny!
6. New York City: Which New York borough is the only one to be located primarily on the mainland?
7. Organizations: The American Lung Association was founded in 1904 originally to fight what disease?
8. Comic Strips: Irma the waitress, owner of Irma’s Diner, is a recurring character in which comic strip?
And here’s where we lost seven points. Yeah, whatevs!
9. Nicknames: What NASCAR driver was known as the Intimidator? Nope.
10. 2000s TV: What TV series that debuted in 2004 on UPN had supporting characters named Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas, Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie, and Eli “Weevil” Navarro?
And our third consecutive miss, rounding out our reverse hat trick. Is that a thing? Guess it is now.
Missed #4.
Heading into the final:
Eleven teams with scores ranging from 28 to 60, with Ennui taking the top spot. We were in seventh place with 48 points. Now what could be better than getting one shitty final question category for our team? [spoiler alert] How about two!
Final Category: 2014 Films (groan)
Final Question: Four members of the cast of the 2014 film Interstellar have been nominated for Academy Awards in acting categories without ever winning. Name two of the four.
We had two players who had actually seen the movie. Unfortunately, those two players aren’t the kind of people who pay attention to credited cast members. Our “strategic” wager of 13 points failed us here, as two teams managed to get it right. Ennui managed to win game two, but because of the name changes in game two, we are unsure who took second and third place. Unsure when we will play at Corner next, but we might be playing at its “sister” operation in downtown Ann Arbor on Sunday. Stay classy, Ypsilanti, and Go Pods!

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