Trivia Recap May 5, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


Posted one of our worst-ever single game scores Monday on trivia night with Sporcle Live with Rachel Sue. You would think it was a trivia tournament! We missed out on a second place in game one after losing on a tiebreaker, and took one second place finish in game two after a zero bet. But strangely enough, even wagering 20 and getting it right would have still just gotten us second place. Yup, it was that kind of strange night. We used a pseudonym in both games but apparently forgot which name we used in game two, so we didn’t even know right away that we took a second place. On to the questions, thanks to Brian WIlliams Reporting Live for writing up the questions.
Game One
1. Jackson 5: Which member of the Jackson Five has the first name that comes last alphabetically?
2. Holidays: National Caramel Apple Day falls on the same date as which other major holiday?
Educated guess for 3.
3. Voice Roles: What actor provides the voice for the baby Mikey in the 1989 film Look Who’s Talking? Bonus: Name both of the sequels. Got it and the nerd bonus.
4. Borders: Exactly how many other US states border Oklahoma?
Fail for 1.
5. Endorsements – From 2009 to 2013, Dallas Cowboys player Tony Romo endorsed which clothing line, which debuted in 1971?
6. News Anchors: Which news anchor debuted in her role as global anchor of Yahoo News in January 2014?
We put “Zombie Jessica Savitch” in a lame effort to get one of Rachel Sue’s “pity” points. But we are unsure if she even knew who she was 🙂
7. Organs of the Body: Which chamber of the human heart is the first to receive oxygenated blood?
Nice work Brad!
8. Soccer: In 2009, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo began playing for which Spanish club, after spending six years with Manchester United? Why did they have to give the hint “Spanish” club? There are essentially only two Spanish teams that even an armchair soccer fan would know about. Hint: it’s NOT Mallorca…
9. Children’s Songs: According to the lyrics to the song “There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly,” what did she swallow to catch the fly?
10. Science Fiction: What 2002 film starring Tom Cruise was based on a short story by Philip K. Dick? Heh, she said “dick.”
Mystery Round: Add ‘Em Up to 67
1. The number of active players on an MLB roster on Opening Day
2. The number of letters in the title of the movie that upset Brokeback Mountain for the Oscar for Best Picture
3. The number that appears twice in the title of an ABC News program that debuted in 1978
4. The age of the girl in the lyrics of the Beatles’ hit “I Saw Her Standing There”
We were terrified of this category, but we surprisingly got ’em all.
Heading into the final:
Eight teams with scores ranging from 30 to 66, withMore Beer Less Pants taking the lead. We were tied for second with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers/Normal Park Trivia Tigers with 64 points, with Touch Me Where I Pee in third with 52 points.
Final Category: Countries of the World
Final Question: Other than the Republic of Guinea, there are three other nations that have the word “Guinea” in the English language names. Name two of them.
An easy one for our team…
Final Standings: Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (they won a tiebreaker question about what year construction began on Mount Rushmore, edging us out of second place), More Beer Less Pants, 85.
Game Two
1. Musical Comedies: What musical comedy TV series starring Joshua Sasse in the title role debuted on ABC in January 2015? Nice Mike! Though he joked about losing his “man card” for knowing the answer.
2. Muppets: In 2002, which Sesame Street Muppet became the first nonhuman to testify before Congress, speaking in favor of music education programs?
Ouch. We put Big Bird, but only for 3.
3. Singers: Although they are not related, Nathan and Wanya Morris made up half of the original lineup of which Grammy Award group? No freaking clue. Dropped our 1.
4. Video Games: Audio clip. Initially wrote the correct answer on our 8 point slip, but then wussed out and bet 2…getting it right.
5. Rivers: The nearly 1500 mile long Pearl River is the third longest river in which country: Russia, Brazil, India, or China?
Dropped 4.
6. Weather: According to NOAA, a piece of hail with a diameter of an inch is named using which coin?
7. Famous Photos: In a famous photo taken in 1965, Muhammad Ali is standing over which other boxer, who he knocked out in the first round? Nice Brad.
8. Directors: As of 2015, what is the most recently released film directed by Mel Gibson? Big miss for 8.
9. Technology: Made available for preorder in April 2015, which company’s version of a smartwatch is available in three collections, ranging in price from $349 to $17,000?
10. TV Debuts: Within 1, in what year did the daytime talk show The View debut? Miss for 6. Gotta love having a big points slip at the end and blowing it.
Visual: Missed #1.
Heading into the final:
Seven teams with scores ranging from the 20s to 46, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers taking first. We were in fifth with 37 points. Yup, our worst single game score in quite a while while playing with a “full” team. Our only solace was that all the scores across the board were lower, too.
Final Category: Sports Logos – We wanted to bet 20 on this because Brad is pretty strong with teams and logos, But we were worried that doing so and getting it wrong would plunge our points for the game down to a mere 17. So we took the sucker’s route,
Final Question: There are four MLB teams whose current primary cap includes the letter T in its logo. Name all four. We only managed to get three correct.
Final Standings: Miskatonic U. (playing under the pseudonym Hard For Me To Say R’lyeh), 37, Touch Me Where I Pee, 59 (they moved up from fourth, Go Pee!). Even if we had bet 20 and gotten it right, it still would have only put us in second place. Not very often that it works out this way. Still, beer money is beer money, we will take it! Until next time, Go Pods!

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