Trivia Recap April 30, 2015 – Corner Brewery


Better late than never. Or is it better never than late? Very enjoyable game Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery with Sporcle Live Trivia With Kuma (tagging with him is not working). Two “special guests” – one from More Beer Less Pants, and a member of the Corn Fritters both joined in to help us out. Not bad. We finished in third place for the night, and a very do-able third place venue finish overall. The season ain’t over yet, kids. We will not be going down without a fight! Hence our name.
Questions…which may be heavily abbreviated.
1. Island countries – The island nation of Tuvalu is located in what ocean?
2. Elements – Name one of the first two elements on the Periodic Table whose names begins with the letter “B.” For nerd bonus, name both. Got both. Biochem expert Dave stepped in here.
3. Film settings – In the 2003 film “Lost in Translation,” in which city are the movie’s events set?
4. ’80s TV – Name one of Alex P. Keaton’s sisters on “Family Ties.” Skippy is NOT one of the answers…
5. Shoes – What German shoe manufacturer making shoes out of cork footbeds was founded in the 1960s? Heather knew this before the host even finished answering the question. Perhaps the pressure of being the only female on the team that night kicked in? Yes shoe knowledge is embedded in the DNA of all females, lol.
6. Athletics – What traditional highland sport involves a long pole being hurled end over end? Hint, if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!
7. Country singers – What “Mama’s Broken Heart” singer wound up placing third on the 2003 season of “Nashville Star?” Came up with correct last name, but paired with incorrect first name, lost our 1. Ouch. Ouch.
8. Toys – Although currently owned by Hasbro, what company originally owned the “Nerf” line of toys? Lost our 2. Who’d a thunk….Really? Them? Lots of teams missed this one.
9. Title Roles – What title role portrayed by John Hurt in a 1980 film required 7-8 hours of makeup? Heather again…
10. Memorials – Whose 1998 memorial service featured three surviving members of the Beatles? Miss…
Mystery: This year in history
1. On April 29, 2004, what memorial was placed right next to the Lincoln Memorial?
2. In 2011, which two British royals were married in Westminster Abbey?
3. In 1945, which concentration camp near Munich was the first to be liberated by the Allied Forces?
4. In 1957, which three-time Academy Award winning actor was born in London?
Got them all.
Heading into the final: Fifteen teams with scores ranging from 20 to 64, with Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender taking the lead. We were in fourth with 61 points. That cuntry music question burned us. Don’t correct us on the spelling. Just don’t…
Final category: U.S. state capitals
Four U.S. state capitals have names that include the letter “U” twice. Name all four.
Final standings: Miskatonic U, 81; Cool People and Jeff, 82; Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 84.
Game two
1. Food – In March, 2014, the “Chickstar” was introduced by what fast food restaurant? Scott the hero here…
2. ’70s albums – What title David Coverdale album became the name of his future band? Heather and Scott teamed up on this one.
3. Reality TV – Audio clue. Forget what it was about. But I think we got it…
4. U.S. History – Within five, how many men signed the U.S. Constitution? Nerd point for naming exact number, which we did.
5. Hollywood couples – What real-life Hollywood couple starred in both “Pearl Harbor” and “Daredevil” together?
6. Expansion teams – Name one of the two MLB teams that began playing in 1998. For nerd bonus, name both. This is where our absent player Brad would have shined. Had to have one question to make him feel missed right? To Heather’s credit, she named one of the correct teams. We just didn’t write that team down.
7. Interstate highways – Which east-to-west interstate highway is the longest at more than 3,000 miles? Guest player Scott really kicked butt here.
8. Dickens – What is the first and lat name Tiny Tim’s father in “A Christmas Carol?”
9. Sitcoms – What sitcom airing from 2012-2014 was based on a 2003 film of the same name? Miss.
10. Anatomy – In the human body, the coccix is better known by what name?
Mystery – them all.
Heading into the final: Thirteen teams with scores ranging from 28 to 59, with Miskatonic U leading the pack. I know, right?
Final category: What Year Am I?
Wall Street Journal photographer Daniel Pearl was kidnapped in Pakistan, the TV series Family Guy was canceled, the NFL realigns into 8 divisions, and the bestselling album worldwide is The Eminem Show.
We were off by one. Them’s the breaks…
Final standings – Cool People and Jeff, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, Party Time Excellent. Did not record point totals for these teams. As always, stay classy, Ypsilanti! And Go Pods! We are never gonna give you up, never gonna let Cthulhu down. You are all Rick Rolled.

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