Trivia Recap March 12, 2015 – Corner Brewery


What do you get when you get a good mix of trivia questions and a good mix of players to answer them? In our case, $30/12 “venue” points and a second place finish for the night. We won game two on a tiebreaker, finishing in first place – a feat that has not occurred since 2014. Yay beer money! We’ve missed you so much! We were starting to forget what you looked like.
Substitute trivia host Sporcle Live Trivia with Robear rocked out some very nice funktastic tunes, and became a local hero when he brought in (wait for it) PRINTED VISUAL ROUND SHEETS. Several teams responded very positively to this little bit of help. It was nice to actually be able to see the pictures without zooming with the smart phone, passing it around to the poor schmucks who don’t have smart phones yet, yada yada yada. Very nice touch indeed!
Game One
1. Legal Dramas: What actress starred in the title role of the legal drama Ally McBeal which aired from 1997 until 2002? Anyone remember that “Futurama” episode where they had to re-create a spoof show based on “Ally McBeal” called “Single Female Lawyer” in order to keep their planet from getting blown up by alien overlords? Awesome…
2. Cars: Which Toyota truck model shares its name with an arctic region in which the subsoil is permanently frozen?
3. Universities: Tulane University is located in which major US city?
4. Song Lyrics: What English rock band is mentioned in the first verse of Katy Perry’s 2011 single “The One That Got Away?” Bonus: What singer/songwriter is mentioned in the second verse?
Had no clue on either of these. Miss.
5. Solar System: Which planet in our solar system was the last to be discovered without the aid of a telescope?
“Space cadet” Mike stepped up for this one.
6. Directorial Debuts: What Academy Award nominated actor made his directorial debut in 2014 with the film Lost River?
7. TV Finales: Audio clip of the last scene of a TV show’s finale. It was made easier when one of the two characters mentioned the other character’s name. Great work, Dave K…
8. Sports Leagues: The Kentucky Colonels, the Virginia Squires, and the Baltimore Claws were all members of which now-defunct professional sports league?
And Brad was our specialist here.
9. Apples: According to the US Apple Association, which variety of apple accounts for, by far, the most bushels sold annually in the US?
10. Websites: Along with Brian Lee, Robert Shapiro, and M.J. Eng, what socialite co-founded the fashion website Shoedazzle in 2009?
Mystery Round: The Tonight Show – All answers will contain the first name of a host of the Tonight Show
1. The title character of a 1982 film and its 1984 sequel played by Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. The singer best known for his 1960s charting hits “Secret Agent Man” and “The Poor Side of Town.”
3. The title of a 2001 comedy starring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes
4. The all time leader in receptions and total touchdowns scored as of 2015 for the Carolina Panthers
Got them all.
Heading into the final:
Nineteen teams (yes, really) with scores ranging from 35 to 66, with Cool People and Jeff using the ironic pseudonym “Third Place” leading the pack [SPOILER ALERT] adding further to the irony, they finished in first for the night, securing their venue leader position just ahead of team Ennui, and us in third with 64 points.
Final Question: Two Canadian provinces (not territories) border only one US state each. Name one of the two provinces.
One of Brad’s geographic areas of expertise.
Final Standings: Ennui, 83; Miskatonic U., 84, Third Place (aka Cool People and Jeff), 86.
Game Two
1. US History: Which future US president introduced 39 amendments to the Constitution in 1789, ten of which became the Bill of Rights?
Heather remembered that this guy was called “The Father of the Constitution” to help steer away from what would have been the wrong answer. Whew!
2. Transportation: What transportation company has used the slogan See America at See Level?
Way off base here…
3. Food Network: What Food Network competitive baking show hosted by the star of Ace of Cakes features teams competing to complete a themed cake by the following morning?
Nope, didn’t know this one, either.
4. Country Musicians: What country musician was briefly married to Renee Zellweger in 2005 before it was annulled?
And for the second time this week Heather stepped up with a correct country music answer. It is truly a Bizarro universe…
5. Ranks: Which of the following US Navy ranks is the highest: admiral, captain, commander, or rear admiral?
Brad is the son of a former navy man and Mike is the son of a former Army man, so that was helpful!
6. Languages: What is the only US state as of 2015 that has designated an official language other than English? Wrong guess here…
7. Co-Stars: What was the first and only film in which Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington were both credited? Bonus: In what year was this film released? Teamwork here – Dave remembered the movie, and Heather remembered the release year.
8. Religions; Founded in the seventh century BC, Shinto is a religion native to which country? We had multiple choices, a Toledo venue did not. But we didn’t need multiple choice on this one.
9. Pro Rasslin’: What is the nickname of the professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts? Brad, Dave, and Mike knocked this one out of the park.
10. Novels: What 1988 novel written by Salman Rushdie resulted in protests and death threats to the author?
Visual: Got them all. Heather took a Sporcle quiz with these very pictures just days ago (a little bit of help from Lady Luck there, that’s for sure!). SeeSpaceballs: The Trivia Team‘s post for the visual round.
Heading into the final:
Nineteen teams with scores ranging from 20 (ouch!) to 60, with Corn Fritters and Your Resume Suckstied for first. We were tied for fourth with 56 points.
Final Category: Academy Award Winning Films
Final Question: As of 2015, what is the most recent film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture with a title that does not contain the letter A? Yup, a Heather category here…
Final Standings: My Wife Thinks I’m at the Gym, 73; Cool People and Jeff, 76 Miskatonic U., 76. Tiebreaker question: In what year did the Rolling Stones release their “Steel Wheels” album? We put 1987, CP&J put 1986. We were closest to the correct answer of 1989. Go Pods!

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