Trivia Recap Jan. 15, 2015 – Corner Brewery


Wow, just wow, We haven’t COMPLETELY BLOWN AN ENTIRE MYSTERY ROUND since possibly a trivia tournament. Yes, we thought we’d get the “ugly” part of the “good, the bad, and the ugly” out of the way first before plunging into a re-cap of Wednesday’s game at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, It was a night ripe with great competition, double tiebreakers and slim, slim point spreads, keeping substitute host Sporcle Live Trivia with James D Stelma on his toes. As for the “bad” part, we didn’t win any gift cards – but on the “good” side, we still grabbed 120 points, got both “nerd” points and got one of the final questions correct.
On to the questions, which may be slightly abridged versions of the questions that were asked:
1. TV characters – On TV, what amateur detective was the most well-known resident of the fictional town of Cabot Cove, Maine?
2. Cars – What Chevy model shares its name with events that happen annually every March and September?
3. Banned films – What 2014 Ridley Scott film was banned in Egypt because of “historical inaccuracies?” Having the re-rack would have helped us here, we were torn between two solid guesses, including the one that would’ve been correct. Missed our 3.
4. Alphabet – What is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet?
5. Supreme Court – Which president appointed both Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer?
6. Hall of Fame – In November, 1999, what player was appointed to the Hall of Fame, with the standard three-year waiting period having been waived for him?
7. Country names – Within one, how many countries end with the letters “stan?” For nerd bonus, name the two countries among that group beginning with vowels. The nerd bonus was the easy part for a majority of the teams, interestingly enough.
8. Anatomy – Which system of the body is most affected by multiple sclerosis?
9. Instruments – Amateur jazz musician Stan Getz was known for playing what instrument?
10. Desserts – what type of frozen dessert translates into “perfect” in French?
Mystery – Our note-taker did not write down all of the questions in this mystery round, which was one of those horrible ones where you get eight points for getting the first clue, and lesser points for subsequent clues. For the record, it was about the first state to declare independence from the British crown. We mistakenly put down the state which first ratified the U.S. Constitution instead. Eight points down the toilet 😦
Heading into the final: Fourteen teams with scores ranging from 27 to 65 (or was it 66? Perhaps More Beer Less Pants can clarify this point). We were in ninth place with 57 points, and the top seven teams all had scores of 62 or higher with multiple ties.
Final category: Academy Awards
In the last five years, four people who appeared in David O’ Russell films have been nominated for acting Oscars multiple times. Name three of them. Hint: Two men, two females. Got it, but so did enough teams ahead of us.
Game one winners: 3. Your Resume Sucks, 2. More Beer Less Pants, 1. Cool People and Jeff.
The top two teams had TWO tiebreaker questions. One: In what year was Bradley Cooper born? Both teams vying for first place were off by one on this one. Two, how many regular season points did Clyde Drexler score during his career? And Cool People and Jeff won the tiebreaker.
Game two
1. Actresses – What classic film actress who appeared in “All About Eve” was also the subject of a 1981 hit song?
2. Military geography – In what U.S. state would you find Fort Knox?
3. Fish – What type of small fish, related to the herring, has its name derived from an island in the Mediterranean Sea?
4. Beatles – Name one of the two Beatles one-word songs that hit #1 on the charts? For nerd bonus, name both. We got them both.
5. Artists – What artist painted “Impression, Sunrise” in 1872 which sparked the Impressionist movement?
6. Animated TV – What Japanese anime was known as Mahha GōGōGō in Japanese?
7. NBA teams – What NBA franchise moved to its current location in 1971? Choices included Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets or the Dallas Mavericks? Before the host announced it was multiple choice, one of our sports guys Brad was SURE he knew the answer, which was NOT one of the choices. We were not the only team to have this happen. Still got it wrong even with the multiple choice, lost our 1.
8. Birthstones – What precious stone is the birthstone for September? Used process of elimination to arrive at answer.
9. Movie jobs – What is the name of the restaurant in which Jennifer Aniston’s character works in the 1999 film “Office Space?”
10. World leaders – What world leader surrendered aboard the HMS Bellerophon on June 15, 1815? Got them all.
Our re-cap writer was in line for beer while the game two scores were being announced. Again, the top spots were occupied by More Beer Less Pants and Cool People and Jeff, who both held onto their leads after the final question. We were tied for second or third with a respectable 63 points.
Final category: Women in politics
Which U.S. state had three consecutive female governors from 1997 to 2015 marking the only time this has happened in U.S. history? Missed this one…
Until next time, Go Pods!

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