Trivia Recap April 23, 2015 – Corner Brewery


Questions from Wednesday’s trivia game at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. See comments below for commentary.
1. Advertising: Michael Jordan has been seen in ads for which clothing company as part of their “Go Tagless” campaign?
2. Same Name: What name is shared by an actor nominated for an Academy Award for his role in a 1966 film and a director nominated for an Academy Award for directing a 2013 film?
3. Kids TV: Starting with the third season, the TV show Kids Incorporated aired on which cable network from 1986 until 1994?
4. NCAA Tournament: Which Ivy League school went a record 66 years between appearances in the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament, a drought that went from 1946 until 2012?
5. Landlocked Countries: Which of the following Asian countries does not border the Indian Ocean: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Oman?
6. Candidates: Prior to being the Democratic candidate for US president in 1988, Michael Dukakis served as governor of which state?
7. Human Body: Where in the human body is the pineal gland?
8. Famous Kids: Bob Dylan’s son Jacob found success in the mid 1990s with which band that released the 1996 album Bringing Down the Horse?
9. Film Titles: Name one of the two films in the Fast and Furious series that does not contain both the words Fast and Furious.
10. Alcohol: As labeled on its bottle, what flavor is Fireball whiskey?
Mystery Round: Who is the Youngest?
1. Kat Dennings, Kaley Cuoco, Zooey Deschanel
2. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio
3. Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon
4. Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint
Final Question from game one:
What is the first element on the periodic table whose two letter chemical symbol is the same as the postal abbreviation of a US state? You must name both the element and the state.
Game Two
1. Dolls: What popular dolls were featured in a US postage stamp series commemorating the 1980s?
2. Siblings: Which of the following bands has never had a pair of siblings in their lineup: Van Halen, Kings of Leon, Heart, or the Black Keys?
3. Sports Movies: What 1977 comedy starring Paul Newman…
**Yeah…no need to finish the question, right?
4. Wars: Which two countries were the primary combatants in the Hundred Years’ War?
5. Scientists: What scientist, along with James Watson, is credited with the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule?
6. TV Comedies: Audio clip of Terry Crews and Andy Samberg
7. Home Runs: As of 2015, who is the only active MLB player other than Alex Rodriguez who has hit more than 500 career home runs?
8. Territories: St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John are the three largest islands of which US territory?
9. Baby Products: What brand of disposable diapers introduced in 1978 includes product lines such as Little Movers and Pull Ups?
10. Song Titles: Which day of the week is in the title of the only song by the Mamas and the Papas to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100?
Visual: See Brian Williams Reporting Live‘s post.
Final Category: Acting Roles
Final Question: Name three of the four actors who have appeared in all of the following films directed by Wes Anderson: The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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