Trivia Recap April 21, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


After posting three sub-100 point games at MAIZ Mexican Cantina and missing out on gift cards last week, redemption. Two first-place prizes/$30 and a first “venue” place finish. We have only had one night of finishing in first venue place at Maiz, and have failed to ever do so at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery so far this season. Fifteen points! And on to the questions, courtesy of Brian Williams Reporting Live, we will note any changes between their question lineup and ours. And in this case, there were only minor changes, mainly in which questions were assigned “nerd points.”
Game One
1. Bands: Paul McCartney, his wife Linda, and Denny Laine were the three constants in which band from 1971 until 1981?
Live and Let Die…probably one of their best songs.
2. Apple: What Apple product was personified by Justin Long in a 2000s ad campaign? Nice, John.
3. 2000s Films: Audio clip of someone singing the Guess Who song “These Eyes.” Host Sporcle Live with Rachel Sue called this a “doozy,” meaning most teams got it wrong. We dropped our 2.
4. Tennis: Which Grand Slam tennis tournament is held annually in Flushing Meadows?
5. Rivers: The two largest man-made reservoirs by maximum capacity in the US both lie on which river?
And again Joel V. shows up at the precise right time to help answer a geography question. Nice…
6. TV Settings: Which of the following TV series is not primarily set in Pennsylvania: One Life to Live, Roseanne, Pretty Little Liars, or Boy Meets World? Bonus point for identifying the state where the correct answer is set.
Got both, thanks to Heather.
7. Independence: In 1902, Cuba gained its independence from which country? A lot of debating here, but with success.
8. Telling Time: In terms to time, AM and PM refer to phrases from which language?
9. Hip Hop: What title character from a 2000 single by Outkast fills in the blank of the following lyric: “I’m sorry *blank*/I am for real/Never meant to make your daughter cry?” No idea. We put Hillary Clinton just to be wise asses. Dave K. would have been helpful on this one, which we missed for 1.
10. Logos: Other than white, what three colors appear in the logo for Wonder Bread?
Mystery Round: Sports Stadiums
1. Which MLB team that plays in the American League East division plays in a stadium named for the neighborhood in which it reside?
2. Which NBA team from the Atlantic division plays in an arena not named after a corporate sponsor?
3. Which NFL team that plays in the NFC West division plays in a stadium named for a clothing company?
4. Which NHL team playing in the Central division plays in an arena named for an auto parts company, especially tires?
Got them all, A player from Normal Park Trivia Tigers argued for a second team fitting the description of #1, which is the team we put down as our answer. So two teams were accepted as the correct answer here.
Heading into the final:
Seven teams with scores ranging from 40 to 64, with non-league team Honey Bunches of Scrotes taking the lead. We were in second place with 63 points.
Final Category: Movie Pairs (we had a little immature snickering session over the word “pairs.”)
Final Question: Actors Seth Rogen and James Franco have appeared in five films together since 2005. Name three of them. A Toledo venue had to name four.
Mike and Heather teamed up in a backwards way on this one. Usually he remembers movie plots/descriptions, she remembers the names. This time she was describing movie plots, and he remembered the titles. Nice work…
Final Standings: More Beer Less Pants, 81; Miskatonic, 82.
1. Reality TV: Name one of the three winning coaches during the seven completed seasons of the US reality series The Voice. Bonus point for each of the other two.
Nope, had no reality TV “expert” among our ranks. Miss for 1.
2. Comics: What does the D stand for in DC Comics? Too easy for a team full of nerds…
3. Movie Taglines: “Eight legs, two fans, and an attitude” is the tagline for which 1990 horror/comedy film?
4. Medical Conditions: A person diagnosed with hemochromatosis has too much of what in their blood: white blood cells, blood clotting, vitamin B12, or iron?
5. Continents: Which continent has the highest average elevation?
6. 80s Hits: What word is found in the title of a 1983 #1 hit song by Bonnie Tyler as well as the title of a 1984 #1 hit song by Yes?
Some of our alternate verses for the Yes song…”Owner of a shopping cart…owner of a stale Pop Tart…Owner of a stinky fart. Yes did I mention that we are, on occasion, still 12? Two of our players actually were 12 when the “Yes” song was a hit, so not surprising.
7. Amendments: The 26th amendment granted what group of people the right to vote? Mike came up with right answer here.
8. Super Bowl: Name one of the two US metropolitan areas that have hosted the Super Bowl 10 times each. Bonus for both.
An example of too much debating and not enough communicating with the “points slips guy” Mike. Miss for 2.
9. Companies: More than 60 percent of all Fortune 500 companies in the US are based in which east coast state: New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, or New Jersey?
10. Directors: The 1976 film Family Plot was the final film released by which director before his death in 1980? Totally out of our normal movie person’s radar, but Joel V. remembered this.
Visual: got them all,
Heading into the final:
Seven teams with scores ranging from 20 points to 64, with More Beer Less Pants in the lead. We were in third place with 60 points.
Final Category: Populations
Final Question: In 1920, New York was the most populous city in the US. Chicago was second. Name three of the next five.
We went the “suckers” route by wagering zero here, and not without a bit of hot debate, threats, etc. But it worked in our favor this time…
Final Standings: More Beer Less Pants, 44, Miskatonic, 60. Until next time, where we will do trivia battle at ABC Microbrewery Wednesday. Go Pods!

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