Trivia Recap April 16, 2015 – Corner Brewery


A quartet of ‘Pods plus a “trainee” hit the pub trivia scene Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma. We were a bit dwarfed by several larger teams, but still finished in fourth place/116 points for the night, putting us in third place overall, only three points out of second place. Cautious wagering on both final questions didn’t do us any favors in game one (we got the question correct!), but was a godsend in game two, getting us a $10/second place gift card.
1. Tax Day – What company has aired commercials using the “Get Your Billions Back” slogan featuring the song “For The Love of Money” by the O’Jays?” Nice work, John…
2. Comic strip characters – What character first appeared in comics in 1929 and was played by Robin Williams in a 1980 film?
3. Volcanoes – What country’s high concentration of active volcanoes is due to its location on the mid-Atlantic ridge? For nerd bonus, identify the capital of this country. For double nerd bonus, spell the name correctly. Got both bonuses and the question correct.
4. Artists – Whose “Diary of a Genius” covered his life from 1952 to 1963? Picked wrong Spaniard, lost our 4.
5. Audio clue – 2013 single performed by a marching band. Miss for 2.
6. NHL Players – St. Louis Blues center Craig McTavish became the last player to do what when he retired in 1997? Nice work, Brad.
7. 2000’s TV – What 2002 Comedy Central series featuring puppets starred actor Tracy Morgan? Yay a TV question we actually knew right away…
8. Speeches – Which president’s 1923 State of the Union address was the first to be aired on the radio? A bit of debating here with success.
9. Marriages – What was the name of Tom Cruise’s first wife, to whom he was married from 1987 to 1990? Heather stepped in for this one…
10, Anatomy – What is the common name for the body part connecting the lungs to the larynx?
Mystery – Crosswords (yay we like this format!)
1. Six letter word for remnant of an impact of a meteor.
2. Eight-letter word, name of Hamlet’s uncle.
3. Ten-letter word, Delaware’s largest city.
4. Four letters, last name of Scottish engineer, or Houston Texans star.
Missed #2, picked wrong Shakespearean name 😦
Heading into the final:
Eleven teams with scores ranging from 33 to 67. Three teams were tied for first, including Money Badgers, Cool People and Jeff, and Ennui. We were in eighth place with 60 points.
Final category – MLB Leaders: Over the last 31 seasons, a whopping 21 batting champions in the National League have come from one of just three teams, all of which are in the same division. Name two of these three teams.
We cautiously wagered zero on this category. And of course Brad knew the answers. Oh well, it would not have been enough to get us in the winning zone (though the 20 extra points would have been nice!). That is one of the down sides of playing with a slimmed down roster. With only one sports guy to call upon, we weren’t sure wagering 20 was a good idea.
Game winners – 3. Corn Fritters, 85; 2, Cool People and Jeff, 87; 1. Money Badgers, 87. Money Badgers won the tiebreaker question, which was about George Brett (didn’t write down the question).
1. Quotes – What actor on the Showtime series “Shameless” was quoted as saying ” I feel like Tom Cruise but I look like Howdy Doody?” Had no clue, lost our 1. The right guy is pictured with this post in a still from “Mystery Men.”
2. U.S. states – How many U.S. states start with the letter “M?”
3. Animals – What is the term for a young elephant?
4. Breakups – In 2015, what band saw a change in its lineup following the departure of Zayn Malik?
5. Diets – What doctor was the namesake of a low-carb diet, which placed him on a list of the 10 most influential people of 2002?
6. Internet – In 2012, Outlook replaced what internet server founded in 1996? Nice, John…
7. Sequels – What was the first film sequel in which Tom Hanks was credited as an actor?
8. American Idol (we groaned upon hearing this category) – Within 2, what is the upper age limit for contestants competing on American Idol? For nerd bonus, what is the lower age limit? Got the upper age correct, missed the nerd bonus by one year.
9. Teams – The Indiana Fever are a team in what professional sport? Heather came up with correct guess here, stating “It sounds like a chick name.”
10. Honors – What is the three-word honor bestowed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on celebrities including Tobey Maquire and Kristen Bell, among others? Host Kuma said that no teams got this one correct.
Mystery – them all.
Heading into the final: Ten teams with scores ranging from 46 to 61, with Ennui in the lead. We were in sixth with 56 points.
Final category: TV – In 2009 TV Guide released its list of the Top 100 Episodes of All-time. Five of the top 10 were from shows that aired new episodes in the decade of the 2000s. Name three of those five shows. Again, we wagered zero. Mike insisted that doing so would “break the curse.” Curse being wagering zero in game one and getting it right, and wagering 20 in game two and getting it wrong. Turns out he was right, in this case.
Final standings – 3. Ennui (didn’t catch # of points), 2. Miskatonic U., 56, 1. Doug Wozniaks, 68. Hooray for this new league team for jumping up from ninth place for the win! They were the only team getting the game two final correct. Stay classy, Ypsilanti. Go Pods!

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