Trivia Recap Dec. 18, 2013 – Red Rock Downtown Barbecue


Brought a skeleton crew of ‘Pods for some Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia Tuesday at Red Rock Downtown BBQ with trivia host Charlie E. Walked away with 122 points and one first place/$20 prize, not bad for only having three players in game 1 and just two in game two, before being joined by a third during the game two mystery round.
1. Water: What brand of bottled water used the slogan “pure water, perfect taste?” Picked wrong one lost our 1.
2. Actor accomplishments: What actor, who recently died, had the most nominations for best actor without ever winning one? 10 points.
3. Music videos: What was the name of the British rock band whose video won the 1986 video of the year award for “Money For Nothing?” 9 points.
4. Science: What hyphenated term refers to the rate of decay by 50 percent? 8 points.
5. Audio clue featuring JFK’s “Ask not…” speech, had to identify the year within one. 4 points.
6. ’90s sports: What newly formed sports organization used the slogan “We got next?” We picked the wrong one, lost our 2.
7. Cocktails: What is the primary alcohol by volume in a Singapore Sling? Initially lost our 7 points here, but gained the points back after a challenge by one of our players who found another drink recipe with a different kind of liquor. We gained the points back after the prizes and standings were announced, we were happy with the trivia host’s decision, and would have even been OK with him not giving us the points back.
8. Authors: Author Robert Ludlum was famous for what book-to-movie series featuring Matt Damon? 6 points.
9. Famous structures: The Hoover Dam forms the border between what two states? Did not know this one right away, got it for 3 points after much debating, map drawing, etc. The only state we were certain about was Nevada, because of the “Transformers” movie mentioning that the Hoover Dam was used to store Megatron. Who says Michael Bay movies can’t teach you anything?
10. Title TV characters: Candace Bergen played what character on a series between 1988 and 1998? 5 points.

Mystery: Double vowels
1. Common name of the anteater.
2. ’92 rock band headed by Rivers Cuomo
3. Popular video game system manufactured by Nintendo
4. African nation bordering Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria

Got them all for 8 points.

4. (two way tie) Much Trivia, Miskatonic 56
3. S Squared 58
2. Gone Fishing 62
1 Marx Brothers 65

Final category: Country names
There are four country names in the world that start with the letter “S” and are five letters long. Name three of them. We wagered 20 and knew all four of them as did the top teams, final standings unchanged.

Round 2

1. Cartoon characters: What are the names of both of the women characters on the series “Scooby Doo?” 10 points.
2. Food: Traditionally served with cream cheese on bagels, lox is the filet of what? 9 points. Judging from how fast people were running up their answers, this was not a very challenging question.
QUICKFIRE: Name eight Jack Nicholson films for which he received nominations for best actor (not supporting actor)? We managed to get 5, enough to get us the 3 points.
3. Wrestling: TLC stands for what in professional wrestling parlance? Lost our one-pointer.
4. Symptoms: What symptom beginning with the letter J is often associated with liver disease and causes yellow skin?
5. Shakespeare: Was the Shakespeare play “Two Gentlemen From Verona” a comedy, tragedy, or history? Made the right guess for 5.
6. Female singers: (before this question was asked, one of us said aloud, “Please don’t be about Adele, please be about some ’80s singer we’re going to know about): In the late ’70s and early ’80s, what singer had hits with “I honestly love you,” “Have you ever been mellow” and “Physical?” Yay, our request was answered! 7 points.
7. Turn of the century terms: What was the name for the bundle on a stick commonly carried around by hoboes? No teams got this one right, lost our 2 here.
8. Movie nicknames: Sorry, did not take good notes on this question, got it right for 6 points, though.
9. NHL: Sorry, don’t quite recall exactly how this question was worded and didn’t write it all down…but wanted to know a former NHL player known for a particular defensive style of play and helped lead his team to a Stanley Cup win in 1970. We were nervous here. Neither of our sports people were present for the game. It all defaulted to our team captain Heb, who could name exactly two players who might have been active at that time. She picked the right one. Needless to say she was VERY excited! Easily the best 3 points won of the night. What’s funny is she remembered seeing this player’s name in old “Peanuts” comics, believe it or not. Hooray for Charles Schulz!
10. Politicians: On January 1 2014, Bill De Blasio will assume what political office? 4 points
A player named Chris L. from Pup ‘n Suds showed up just before our mystery round. Good thing, too, since he had a smart phone, and neither of our other players did. The category was world flags, we got only two of them right. Our team’s vexillologist Brad was absent, as was Pup ‘n Suds’ vexillologist Scott. Oh well…

Final category: Telephone numbers

“After California and Texas, which state has the highest number of unique telephone numbers?” Came up with the right guess after wagering 20 points. Our team wound up in first place with 79 points, did not properly record other standings. We were having too much fun, especially after getting the NHL question right. Go Pods!

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