Trivia Recap July 26, 2013 – Semifinals

sachabaronmysteryWe put our heads together on some tough questions playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia Thursday in our semifinals bid at the Moose Lodge 782, Ypsilanti, Michigan. We were tied for first with the 51 North team Clavins at the end of game one, but managed to slightly edge out the competition by the end of game two, taking a total of 116 points and the coveted “autoqualifier” spot (did not have to answer the final question).
Advancing to finals from the Moose Lodge (besides our team) were Slightly Above Average, I Don’t Care (nice comeback from 8th place!), Clavins and Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (another Corner Brewery team).
Here are some of the tough questions we faced:
1. William Daniels won two Emmy awards for portraying Dr. Mark Craig on what ’80s medical drama?
2. What daughter of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand was the first wife of Henry VIII of England? Scott wowed us on this one with his knowledge of British monarchy.
3. the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean shares sovereignty with France and what other nation?
4. Within five years, what year was the last time a British man won the Wimbledon tennis tournament? Our sports expert Scott got this tough one right…
5. What song by the band Dream Academy featured a chanted chorus and was later covered by the band Sugarland? Our ’80s music expert Heather wrote down the answer before Wild Bill finished asking the question, (blows raspberry) she didn’t need the Sugarland hint…
6. What online dating service founded in 2005 is geared toward farmers and has the tagline “city folks just don’t get it?” Only one team got this one right (and it was not our team…)
7. Among U.S. presidents who did not die in office, which one served the shortest period of time?
8. Doris Troy’s version of “Just One Look” was featured in an ad for what product during Super Bowl XXXI? Be specific…
9. Lee Thompson Young got his start on the TV series “The Famous Jett Jackson” and now stars on what TNT series that also features Angie Harmon? Blank stares…our team did not know this.
10. What is the stage name of John Ondrasik who has recorded songs called “100 years” and “The Wriggle?” Did not know this one either.
11. Who was the last player besides LeBron James to win the NBA finals MVP award? Good job, sports guys Dave, Scott and Brad!
12. Which arcade game was released in the U.S. first – Pac-Man, Asteroids or Defender? Mike knew this one…
13. What ’91 movie included characters named Neville Sinclair, Goose and Cliff? Good news is we didn’t put “Top Gun,” but we didn’t put the right answer, either.
14. Will Rogers World Airport is located in what city and does not allow for international flights? GO MIKE! YOU PULLED THIS ONE OUT OF YOUR ASS! WHAT A GUESS FOR SEVEN POINTS! We were hemming and hawing all sorts of different places and finally settled on a freaking guess. It turned out to be right!
15. Only one world radio call sign is the name of a month. What month is it? Army brat Mike took this one away, helping us nab 15 crucial points at the end of game two. Woo hoo!
16. What slow-moving lizard native to the U.S. is venomous but poses no threat to humans (Brad’s zoology degree came in handy here)? This question is out of order, didn’t feel like re-numbering.
First round mystery – Given the name of a country and a date, had to name what country the listed country gained independence FROM. A little confused on the wording, but we managed to get 3/4:
1. 2-27-1844: Haiti
2. 8-15-47: United Kingdom
3. 1993 – Ethiopia
4. 9-16-1810: Spain
The second round visual mystery question is pictured. Had to ID the Sacha Baron Cohen movies.
FINAL QUESTION: Who was the only post-World War 2 president to serve a complete term and not appoint any Supreme Court justices? Figures we’d know the answer and not even HAVE to answer…
Thanks Wild Bill for as always, putting on a fun trivia show! We’ll look forward to seeing if we will be giant squid – or shrimp- at finals. Go Pods!

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