A Little Trivia Update (May, 2022)

I’ll be able to see this guy really soon!

Just a note to the faithful and likely very bored folks sitting on toilets (LOL) who follow this site, especially for the trivia recaps. I am proud to provide that service, and also a non-habit forming, non-narcotic sleep aid! You can stop following this blog anytime, whereas if you are in the throes of Ambien addiction, that’s another story! Why is it that the medications that work the best are also the ones with the most harrowing side effects – whether it be pain killers, sleep aids, or hallucinogens? Sure, you can try your luck getting to sleep with Melatonin, Tylenol P.M., reruns of the MacNeil-Lehrer Report or Nyquil, but we all know the addictive narcotic sleep aids are the ones that work the best, don’t we? And we all know the public health scourge we have with narcotic pain killers such as Fentanyl and other opioids…I digress, and no, I’m not going to be doing a “drugs are bad” blog.

Before I faint under the power of my own ego regarding the matter of providing a valuable service to the sleep deprived or those whom get bored sitting on the toilet and need something to read besides the fine print on toilet paper packages (ahem), I’m just going to say that we’ll be taking a brief hiatus from the trivia games. How brief? Very! We’ll be going out of town for a couple of days starting Sunday, and I won’t be bringing my laptop with me. So not that long of a hiatus, really!

I still have no answer as to when or if we will ever get back to playing “outside world” trivia games. It’s something my husband and I talk about quite a bit, and back in April, we actually tried going out for a trivia game – as it turned out, the game wasn’t happening in the place we visited that night! The darned host took the night off for 420 so that he could contemplate and reflect upon his appreciation of marijuana perhaps? I honestly don’t know!

My trivia partner and I remain hesitant about being inside bars while they are crowded at peak times, which can happen on trivia nights. Hell, the last time we played an indoor trivia game, I had to take a COVID test a few days later because the other player we invited said he had tested positive (my test was negative)! No wonder we have cold feet about it. I’m also hearing about lots of folks I know – whom are vaccinated and boosted – still getting COVID anyway (even if only mild cases). I think my parents may have had it, which is why we delayed celebrating Mother’s Day for a couple of weeks. I know a guy whom was testing himself daily in the days leading up to a recent trivia tournament to make sure he was negative and could go out to play (which I hear he did).

We’ve been limiting our “going out” – whether that be lunch, dinner, drinks – to times when bars/restaurants are least likely to be crowded – or opt for outdoor seating when possible.

In the meantime, we’ll continue doing the virtual games as long as they continue to be an offering.

I’ll close this out by wishing everyone a happy Memorial weekend! I look forward to sitting and staring at the lovely Muskegon River at my in-laws’ home and watching their cats do their thing!

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