Trivia Recap – Game # 669 – April 28, 2022 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

Editor’s Note: I do not have all of the answers to these questions, apologies to the readers who have come to expect that luxury (life happens). Also, I have to pack for a trip (leaving town for a few days) so I’m pretty much just copying over the text that I emailed myself!

Round One

1) Characters – Stinky Pete the prospector, Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear, and Duke Caboom are among the secondary characters who appear in what Pixar Animation Studios franchise?

2) Companies –  What manufacturer of power tools was originally founded in 1910 as a machine shop in Baltimore by two men named Duncan and Alonzo? Miss.

3) Europe –  What two European countries have coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea?

(Note: Not counting overseas territories.)

4) Books – In a series of books first published in 1932, what character has parents named Charles and Caroline, an older sister named Mary, and a younger sister named Carrie?

Myst TV Episodes Name the TV series that aired at least ten seasons based on the list of episode titles.

M1. “Square Peg,” “Husky Bobby,” and “Happy Hank’s Giving”

M2. “11 Years Later,” “It’s the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” and “Queens for a Day”

M3. “George’s Family Tree,” “Louise Gets Her Way,” and “Florence’s New Job”

M4. “The Cornhusker Vortex,” “The Good Guy Fluctuation,” and “The Comic-Con Conundrum”

Got all of these.

Round Two

5) Celebration –  Guy Fawkes Night is an annual celebration in the United Kingdom that takes place in which month of the year?

6) Basketball – What Hall of Famer was named NBA MVP three consecutive seasons in the 1980s while playing for the Boston Celtics and was later named Coach of the Year in 1998 while coaching the Indiana Pacers? Yay we got a basketball question correct for max points!

7) Alter Egos – In an interview with Rolling Stone, Adele revealed that she has dealt with on-stage anxiety by creating an alter ego named “Sasha Carter.” Name one of the two musicians who inspired the name of that alter ego.

NERD POINT: Name both.

No apologies for not knowing enough about this singer…ugh.

Question Eight – Human Body – In humans, the adrenal glands are typically located directly on top of what major organs?

Missed two of these.

We were in sixth going into the final and wagered nothing on the category of TV to book.

Final TV to Book – What American TV show is the subject of a 2019 book by Ramin Setoodeh titled Ladies Who Punch, which was published more than two decades after the show debuted?

Wagering zero allowed us to move to fourth. Low woot?

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, George Jefferson! Also, the final question answer was “The View.” There! I gave ONE answer!

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