Letterkenny’s International Women’s Day Episode 2022 – An Inspiration?

I’ve just watched the International Women’s Day episode of “Letterkenny” a couple of times. And it’s really gotten me thinking! What is the most uncongenial thing I’ve ever done? What is the most foulest mouthed thing I’ve ever said?

The women in the episode participated in an “anti pageant” in which they were judged on the basis of the two things I’ve already mentioned – and they also all participated in a “tackiest dress” competition. Kind of makes me glad I didn’t go to my high school prom! Tanis’ dress she wore in the episode looked eerily like one that one of my female classmates might have worn to my high school prom in 1990 (pure taffeta hell).

The men in the episode talked about real life women they admire. Which prompted me to learn a few things about Celine Dion! Besides the weird thing I already knew – which was her being SEWN into her bridal headdress to keep it on her head. I won’t judge her for marrying a man more than 20 years older than her. Even if the relationship seemed pervy to start, they more than made it legit over the years.

I have a few things to think about! What IS the most uncongenial thing I’ve ever done? Was it kicking that boy in the crotch in the fourth grade? He was warned, and he knows what he did! Was it me telling another trivia player to “Go fuck yourself” after a trivia game last year? Was it me dumping a beer over a guy’s head in a bar? Was it me writing that a real life student in my high school was a slut on the girls’ bathroom wall for no reason at all other than that I wanted to stir trouble? Was it me flashing a passed out guy at a beer festival as a bribe to get him to get his passed out ass off my picnic blanket (which totally worked, BTW)? Hmm….

I think in order to be a truly uncongenial thing it must be something that happened without provocation and out of the blue on my part.

Anything I decide on for this answer will undoubtedly pale in comparison to what Letterkenny’s writers came up with for their women!

That’s all I have time for tonight, I’ll need to sign out for now. But I’ll revisit this topic soon!

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