Trivia Double Header Tonight!

In just about 20 minutes, I’ll be playing in a virtual game with a few others in the ’80s pop culture theme. We already played the question set in December of 2020, but I thought it would be fun to do it again with some of my favorite folks who might enjoy reminiscing about the ’80s! So I’ll pretend I never encountered the questions before and let them take a stab at answering them first!

Then my husband and I will play an “all topics” Stump! game a bit later. So there will be TWO recaps for your perusal on Wednesday! I may also share some pics from our Halloween cabin trip.

In other news, I found out today that I WILL NOT BE WORKING ON THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR! I work in Retailville, so nobody in my neck of the retail woods will be working on Thanksgiving, either. GOOD! Getting the double time pay on Thanksgiving was nice, but it felt more like being bribed to tell my family to go f— themselves (i.e. like dirty money).

Not to spoil anything, but I have no plans for this Thanksgiving to be a sober one! No, I don’t plan to tie one on at my parents’ house, but I do plan to enjoy some drinks (especially if my sister in law is going to have some, too)! Cheers to that!

Still no plans as of now to try doing any “in person” trivia games, though we’ll consider it after we’ve had our COVID booster shots, which my husband and I plan to get within the next couple of weeks. Still not too likely though, we’ve come to enjoy the virtual games too much. We do our virtual games in the basement where my laundry facilities are, so at least I can pretend I’m getting some household tasks done while I’m doing a game!

On that note, I have some laundry to put into the dryer…

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