Three Cleaning Products Fascinating Me Right Now…

I honestly don’t know where I’m getting my energy from today. I worked the past three days in a row, work the next three days in a row and had one lonely day off today. So what did I do? Relax? Nope! I decided I wanted to get a start on cleaning the interior of the car – we call our car Sylvia, because she’s silver, and as fussy as an old lady – she even nags me to buckle up when I’m a passenger, but not when I’m driving! I still have more to do – I plan to get the Weather Tech floor mats out and give them a good hosing down/sudsing. But that will have to wait until I have my next day off! Hope I have enough quarters!

I learned about a fascinating product on a web site about car detailing, so I placed an Amazon order for this stuff:

This blue goo like stuff gets into car vents and other crevices quite easily – and picks up dust/particles like a lint roller (only better). I’d highly recommend it – not just because of the highly satisfying squishy sounds it makes when you’re using it!

Up next – an interior car detailing stand by:

What an easy way to give your car that “new car smell!” My dad would be SO proud of me, lol…

Pictures or it didn’t happen of my car – the cleanest it’s been in years? OK!

Yes, I know those floor mats are still dirty (that is next on my chore list)! But I think I vacuumed 10 pounds of dirt and rocks from them! Add to my list of cleaning products I’m fascinated with right now – those supercharged vacuums they have at self serve car washes – they could suck up a newborn child if the hose was big enough!

Not all of the cleaning products I’ve used this week were used in the car! Earlier this week, I decided to use these things, which we picked up at Aldi on a recent shopping trip:

I was very impressed with how these worked! I used them on my cooktop stove, wastebasket and refrigerator. I got them all looking so bright white it was almost terrifying. I shouted out loud, “God I want to make sweet love to Mr. Clean right now!”

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