(Updated) -Chris Cornell Spoke To Me From Beyond The Grave Today…

I make it no secret that sometimes a song will just do me in emotionally. A couple of songs that have done that in recent years – both without warning – were “Everlong” (acoustic version) by the Foo Fighters – a band I don’t even really “like” – and “Mr. Tambourine Man” by Bob Dylan.

Well, today, a cover song sung by Chris Cornell…got to me. But only a little bit! I was at work, so I managed to keep things together emotionally, but man…how WIGGY!

The song was “Patience” by Guns ‘n Roses. One line in particular is still haunting me now:

You know I don’t like being stuck in the ground.

Turns out the actual lyrics are “stuck in a a crowd.” Maybe Mr. Cornell didn’t enunciate properly, maybe I didn’t hear it correctly (it doesn’t really matter). Lots of grunge singers didn’t make it a point to enunciate, the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” being a case in point. This was something Weird Al Yankovic mase fun of!

I’m not even a big Soundgarden or Chris Cornell fan! I didn’t weep when he committed suicide nearly four years ago (quite a few friends on my Facebook friends list were very distraught), but sure, yes – I sang “Hunger Strike” a few times in my karaoke days! I sang the Cornell parts, a buddy sang the Eddie Vedder bits (which didn’t require much talent, LOL!) I had a Soundgarden CD in college, but what Gen X human didn’t have at least a couple of “grunge” CDs in their collection? I probably bought it in the BMG music club!

I think Bill and Ted can best express how hearing the now dead Chris Cornell singing about “being stuck in the ground” hit me today:

Yes this was how I felt today!

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