Trivia Recap – Legally Blonde Theme – Virtual/Streaming – April 16, 2021

What, like it’s hard? To win first place in trivia all about the movie Legally Blonde?

Uh, yeah – if you didn’t pay quite enough attention to the things happening in the opening montage!

A final question asking players to put montage activities in order managed to keep us out of Harvard Law School in a virtual trivia game Friday night about Legally Blonde. That and a mystery round question, so only two misses of the entire game. Maybe we could get into Yale Law instead?

But do ya know what’s even more difficult than remembering whether Elle applied her makeup – or put on her necklace first – in the opening montage? Being part of a long-term relationship with another human being, and having to find movies you BOTH agree on loving! And strangely enough (which may surprise some of you folks who might know us), Legally Blonde is one of those movies! It’s surprising, I know – because there is no zombie killing, it’s not directed by Quentin Tarantino, it has nothing to do with Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise and there are no Hobbits in it (although actress Jennifer Coolidge could probably play one)!

The dynamic between nail artist Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge) and Elle (Reese Witherspoon) is just one of many enjoyable things about this movie…

Whenever Legally Blonde is on TV, we both agree to not change the channel! Maybe we like that Elle is a misfit in the movie (definitely a standard fish out of water premise), manages to give a finger to “the man” (albeit in a nice, charming way) and maybe we think her outfits are cute (who wouldn’t)! It helps that I tend to like courtroom movies (My Cousin Vinny is one of my faves). All of that said, why don’t get into the questions already (like, OK)!

  1. Beginnings – What are the first two words heard in the film, which are the opening lyrics to Hoku’s song “Perfect Day”? Is there any more bubbly of a song than this? Perfect song to open this kind of movie…
  2. Fashion – Elle asks a boutique employee if the dress she is being shown is rayon that is described by what hyphenated adjective?
  3. Names – What two-word nickname does Warner use for Elle, and later for Vivian, and then later again for Elle? Hmm, what has Selma Blair been up to lately?
  4. Celebrities – What celebrity does Elle say she grew up across the street from? King of trashy TV at the time… (I was a “Dynasty” gal myself).
  5. Quotes – What seven-word quote, attributed to Aristotle, is written on the board of Elle’s first class and later quoted in her graduation speech?
  6. School – Other than Professor Callahan, name two of the three professors Elle tells Emmett she has this semester.
  7. Compliments – After the legal team’s first interview of Brooke, she compliments what specific move that Elle did in a class in Los Angeles?
  8. Gifts – How does Elle refer to the Cosmopolitan magazine she brings Brooke in prison?
  9. Settings – What is the name of the spa where Elle interviews Mrs. Windham Vandermark?
  10. Standards – Brooke implores Elle to believe that she would never have slept with Enrique for what particular reason?

Mystery – Quickfire

For this mystery round, there are four answers, and your team can put them in any order you choose. You will receive two points for each correct answer.

When we are first introduced to them while they are introducing themselves, David, Enid, and Aaron namedrop five different college majors, countries, or famous people.

Name four of those five things.

Our first miss of the game – we put down a famous person Elle mentioned, not the other people (whoops)!

Scores heading into the final: Purple Parrot Porsches, 62; What, like it’s hard, 62; Prada, 61 (that was us, because of technical difficulties we had to really shorten our name); Gemini Vegetarians, 60; Last Season Prada shoes, 60; Like Senior Year, Only Funner, 59; Elle & Viv Together Forever, 56; The Greek Sisters and Misty Too, 56; The Cousins, 55; 2Broke Queens, 46; Nicole is the Devil, 16.

Final Category – Montages

Put the following activities that Elle performs during the opening montage in order according to when she does them, from the first to last.

A) Shaves her legs
B) Paints her nails
C) Brushes her hair
D) Puts on a necklace
E) Applies makeup

Ugh, the dreaded “put these in order” final question! Put one thing out of order, and it’s Acme Discount Law School for us! Oh well, it was still super fun answering questions about one of our favorite movies!

Unsure when we’re doing our next trivia challenge, as always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Aaron Spelling!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Legally Blonde Theme – Virtual/Streaming – April 16, 2021

  1. sun’s up, low viscosity, pooh bear, aaron spelling, the law is reason free from passion, stromwell, royalton and levinthal; high kick, the bible, golden springs, he wears a thong

    Russian lit, biochemistry, somalia, women’s studies, stephen hawking (mystery)

    brushes hair, shaves legs, puts on necklace, does nails, puts on makeup (final)

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