Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November! Or Just Watch “V for Vendetta”

Chill evening at home tonight, watched V For Vendetta on this unseasonably warm Guy Fawkes’ Day. Hearing Hugo Weaving’s voice is always enjoyable, and Natalie Portman is almost always a reason to see a movie. Add to that costumes, swordplay, great quotes and anarchy. Go ahead and try finding a better movie to watch during Election season and on Guy Fawkes’ Day!

My husband in a Guy Fawkes mask – that’s his real hair (no wig)

Nothing else new to report, no trivia games planned anytime soon, work was tiring today so I’ve just been kind of relaxing since I got home.

As I’ve said, pandemics aren’t exactly conducive to writing. Hard to draw too much inspiration from this world right now.

On a sort of unrelated note, I’ve adjusted fairly well to not dining in or drinking in any bars or restarants during this plague. I don’t even miss pub trivia games that much (yes really)! But one thing I really miss is Mexican restaurants! Having your chips refilled, dipping them in hot queso, tacos served to you – doesn’t translate to carry out. Dining in at a goood Mexican joint was truly an experience – the cheesy songs, colorful decor, Mexican soccer on TV, margaritas…

Still, this warm weather means outdoor beer gardens will still be on the menu for a while!

Now leave me alone while I continue daydreaming about queso, mariachi songs and pico de gallo!

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