OK, I Don’t Usually Get Political On This Blog Site, But…

If Ohio ends up going red like is predicted they will do…

F— Ohio.

Please tell me what is good about Ohio (amusement parks, the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame/Museum and Hocking Hills State Park do not count).

I apologize in advance for those of you with loved ones or family with Ohio ties. But…

Why must you continue to disappoint me, Ohio? It’s bad enough we have to drive through you for more than THREE HOURS when heading south to better states, or worse – choke up money using your blasted turnpike if we have the audacity to head east. You suck, Ohio…you continue to disappoint me at every goddamn turn. Now you’ve decided to overwhelmingly squander 18 electoral votes on…the guy I didn’t vote for.

Ohio, it’s time for us to go for a ride in a rowboat together (and you won’t be coming back from that boat ride).

I just had to get all of that out!!! I mean no harm against our lovely neighbors to the south!!!! 🙂

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