Halloween Cabin Trip Soon!

I remember back when I was a “cub reporter” at a metro Detroit rag and was teased by my older co-workers when they found out that I had a camping trip planned. That’s because a movie popular at the time was The Blair Witch Project, which featured a character named Heather (which is also my given name, though my very closest friends call me “Heb”).

I remember one of the other reporters telling me that I was probably going to walk into my own horror film. Aside from rogue ATVers making excessive noise with their oversized wilderness crotch rockets – and hearing the calls of some fighting owls during a mating ritual – there was nothing really about that camping trip resembling a horror film!

Pffft…that movie was as fake as The Amityville Horror…such a disappointment!

Fast forward about 20 years or so, and my husband and I will be renting a cabin…for Halloween weekend! I’m very, very excited – I LOVE Halloween, my husband and I met on Halloween 28 years ago, and I’ve always had a propensity for that “dark Wednesday Addams goth stuff.” It will also mark the first time there has been a full moon on Halloween since 1944. So are my chances of being able to make my own horror film with an extreme closeup showing a wayward dangling nose goblin better than they were 20 years ago?

Perhaps! We’ve been pretty much living the script of a horror movie since March, when news of the COVID-19 pandemic started to surface – and the virus started claiming its first victims in the U.S. So much death from such a tiny, tiny thing. The little weekend trips we’ve been taking have been a great way to get away…while still exercising social distancing (my husband and I are skilled social distancers…we really can’t stand most people, LOL)!

We may be taking some theatrical photos with some props we bought! I bought a prop meat cleaver with fake blood, a fake blood-soaked drill, I can dig out that old theatrical hockey mask from the closet, the V for Vendetta mask…

That’s about it for now, I’ve gotta go…grocery shopping. What could be more like a horror film? Anything else? Tim Burton trivia game Thursday! Yes, my life is SO exciting right now….we’ll have to make sure to get candy!!!

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