I Just Want One Day Where…

Jesus H. Christ…gender reveal parties? Aren’t we not supposed to care about gender ever since Bruce Jenner became Caitlin Jenner? Honestly, I think that was just a sad ploy for attention (maybe that’s just me).

I don’t care that people are having babies, and I care even less about what gender they are. If they eventually decide to pick another gender for which they were “assigned” at birth, decide they want to ID as both, ID as neither, honestly I give zero fucks. Use whichever restroom you want, just wash your hands when you’re done and don’t block the sink if I need to wash mine!

However, I do care when vain, selfish pseudo humans’ garish, vain “look at me” gender reveal displays destroy our planet. If even one fuzzy bunny, one scampering squirrel or one grizzly bear loses their life because of an asshole breeder setting a forest on fire to entertain their loser friends? That’s too many. Stop…just stop. It’s time for the animals responsible for this madness to burn instead. I hate them all.

Just one day…only one – I just want one goddamn day to pass where I’m not utterly disappointed with humanity. I know that is a lot to ask during both a pamdemic and an election year.

I dream big, but never expect much…😩

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