So, What’s Up?

What’s  up with me these  days? Not much!

I’m  back to work, I don’t  have to work with the public, and I keep my distance  from all co-workers.  Just like I did before we were  all in “Plague Mode!”

I went  on  camping  trip #3 of 2020 last weekend. Newaygo State Park north of Grand Rapids, MI. Nice  rustic  campground, despite a group of loud millennials taking up four  sites and blaring  loud music  our first night   (til a ranger  shut them  down).  Most of it was semi bearable, but the REO Speedwagon song could  NOT be tolerated! “Keep On Loving You.” No, just  no! REO  Speedwagon, how do I begin? All apologies to any fans, here goes:

Roast of  REO Speedwagon

  • You make Styx sound  like heavy  metal by comparison
  • You make Foreigner sound  good by comparison
  • Ransom  Eli Olds called – he is asking  for  a cease and desist. He doesn’t  want your crappy songs associated  with his namesake cars.
  • Stop, just  stop with the beta whiny crap, or else I’m  gonna “keep on clubbing  you.”

Don’t  misunderstand me! I love plenty  of cheesy power  ballads. Chicago’s “Hard Habit  to Break” will do me in emotionally. Foreigner  is OK, and I occasionally  love a Hall & Oates song. But I have my limits

What else? Tipi trip next month at Cheboygan  State  Park! $37/ night, no tent  to pack, electricity, brewery  in town   (can’t  wait)!

Sorry  I don’t  have  more  to report!

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