Happy Post Fourth of July!

So another Fourth of July weekend is drawing to a close. I didn’t even leave my house much this weekend (mainly because it was so hot), except to have some drinks at a local bar last night…the only one open for twilight drinkers was Sidetrack – “Corner Brewery” closed early, Aubree’s was closed, Maiz was closed, unsure whether 734 Brewing was open – but Sidetrack had a better outdoor seating area, so there was that! We definitely spent more money than we planned to…but hey – it was the Fourth of July! We wanted to get out to do SOMETHING! It was kind of cool hearing and seeing fireworks area residents were setting off.

Today wasn’t much more exciting, we did our grocery shopping, then picked up some fruity drinks from a Dunkin drive-through called “Refreshers.” We opted for the “dragonfruit” flavor, which was kind of like a blend of watermelon, strawberry, and mango (god it was so good)! We also set up our sprinklers out back to do our little “sprayground” thing by using bungees to attack the sprinkler heads to a free standing umbrella pole. So I could stand in the cool water…so nice! Much better than going to an overly crowded beach, like many people in my state opted to do this past weekend. A beach near Cassopolis, MI on a lake called Diamond Lake attracted shoulder to shoulder party people, and stories have gone viral. Even when we weren’t in “plague mode” crowded beaches on holiday weekends were never very appealing to me. I’ve always liked “social distancing” even before it had an official name!

Me “social distancing” at a beach near Rogers City, MI in July, 2017. There are few things more relaxing to me than just sitting and watching waves roll in.

We’re going to “attempt” to go to a beach next weekend! I’ve booked a camp site for one night in a campground on the tip of Michigan’s “thumb.” Leave on Saturday, leave on Sunday. The one-night camping trips are appealing if you don’t have to drive too far! You’re not rushed by having to leave after work – only to arrive with barely enough time to really enjoy your surroundings – and you get to stay just long enough to enjoy yourselves (and only have to spend one night sleeping on a pad on the ground). I’m hoping we have just enough time to enjoy the beach a bit – I’m absolutely STARVED to get a glimpse of a Great Lake! I haven’t seen a Great Lake since October, 2019!

Can’t wait!

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