That’s F—in’ Teamwork! Quarantined Couple Makes a Unicorn Poster For a “Drive By” Birthday Parade…

Last week, my husband and I were invited to a “birthday parade” for a 9 year old girl. So we went to a drug store and bought some supplies – posterboard, markers, etc…And my artist husband agreed to sketch a unicorn for the unicorn-crazed 9 year old girl!

Tonight, my husband sketched out a unicorn in pencil. On pink paper. And I said, “I’ll take it from there.” Which is exactly what happened!

He took all of maybe three minutes to sketch out a unicorn in pencil. My instructions were, “My Little Pony the f— out of it. We’re talking super cute.”

So he did it. And I did what I said what I’d do…and took it from there! Which means I did the inking, coloring and lettering (essentially 90 percent of the work). Behold:


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