Trivia Tonight (March 11, 2020)

Unless I hear otherwise – I’ll have a “foursome” for trivia tonight at The Owl in Milan. We’ve pretty much wrapped up our My Trivia Live games for the season since we’ve more than secured our semifinals spot. So now we are free to “move about the trivia cabin,” as it were! As for me? I couldn’t be more relieved! I’m looking forward to visiting this trivia spot again, where we plan to play at least three games (including tonight’s game). The way I look at it, we’re not doing anything different than professional sports teams do! They play their “home” games, and also play their “away” games. The players probably enjoy the chance to go “on the road,” and to come back to their home field. These three games in Milan will be our “away” games!

Will we go back to playing at The Owl semi-regularly like we did during the warmer months in 2019? I’m not going to say “no,” but I can’t really say “yes,” either! How about “maybe?”

I haven’t decided whether we’ll continue playing the MTL games when the new season starts the week of March 30 – or not. I’ll have to see how the team feels about that –  and look at when the next round of tournaments is scheduled (which I’m going to guess will be August). I’m not making any trivia “commitments” this early! But the thought of having some freedom to play where we like during the warmer months –  and not where we “have to” play – is quite appealing! We can always regroup in the fall. Also, it’s not like I won’t have some other team to sit with during tournaments even if my team isn’t in the running #norestforthewicked

I’ll have a recap of tonight’s game posted on Thursday, and will also try to post some kind of post-game update tonight too (if I have access to WiFi).

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