“I’m Sorry – But I Can’t Raise the Dead”

One of the players on my team told me last night that he may not be available for the next semifinals/finals in the My Trivia Live league because of a dog event. He raises purebred Scottish deerhounds, and sometimes he takes them on the road for coursing and show events.

I said to him, “If you can’t play, then which player should I use as a sub for you?”

And his answer?


Good calls! Archie WOULD be a good sub for Brad! He subbed for Brad in quite a few MTL and Sporcle Live tournaments – when Brad was out showing dogs in Vermont in 2016, when he was at a dog show in April, 2018 (you missed out on prize money in that tournament, bro), and in August, 2018 when he was at the Renaissance Festival. Archie and Brad were close to the same age, had some similar knowledge areas, and they were both big U of M fans.

Sadly, Archie died of complications of cancer in August, 2019! While I may – or may not – have some “minor” magic skills – necromancy is NOT one of them! Even if – in my wildest megalomaniacal dreams – I became a powerful enough witch to be able to resurrect the dead – I wouldn’t WANT to do it.


A scene from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Willow (pictured here) uses this adorable fawn in a blood sacrifice to raise Buffy from the dead.

Why? Because that type of magic is WAY too dark for me! And it probably involves having to sacrifice some adorable woodland creature (and by “sacrifice” – I mean slit its throat or something). When you receive favors from the dark powers that be, they expect to be paid back in some rather…unwholesome ways.

Back to the topic of trivia, I’ve already been in talks with a potential living substitute player for Brad!


Homer keeps a cool head after Bart and Lisa resurrect the dead in a “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episode.

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