Trivia Recap – February 20, 2020 – Tower Inn

We had our work cut out for us in Wednesday’s My Trivia Live game at Tower Inn! It was a full house of trivia players on this busy night – with a whopping nine teams vying for prizes. We wound up in a tiebreaker for first place and ended up on the “right” side at the end (we’ve been on both sides of tiebreakers – and it’s always really sweet when your guesses are correct in these nail-biting do-or-die scenarios)!

It was a pretty “interesting” mix of questions…some of them were quite challenging! None of the teams in the room aced the mystery round, thanks to a “deep cut” involving actor Kelsey Grammer (more about that in a bit).


Sideshow Bob is my favorite Kelsey Grammer character!

As for the game, we had 63 points going into the final and won a $30/first place prize.

And here are the game questions, please assume they’re all abbreviated.

Round One

1. U.S. States – With more than double the square miles of the next runner up, what is the largest U.S. state by area?

2. Scandals – In 1974, which U.S. president resigned due to his involvement with Watergate?

3. Children’s TV – What classic children’s TV host was known for wearing a knit cardigan sweater?

Easy first round…

Round Two

1. TV Hospitals – What ABC hospital drama debuting in 2005 had a spin off debuting in 2018 called Station 19?

2. Football – Who was defeated by the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I? One of our players (Brad) said he was “super sure,” and a couple of us second guessed him, with one of those players (Evan) suggesting the team that would’ve been correct. Me? I knew the team that Brad suggested was wrong, but I didn’t know which team was right, either (I’m not the go-to Super Bowl expert on the team by any measure)!  Miss for 5. And because of this flub, we would be a bit more “ballsy” with the next question, which would include a three point “bonus” question…read on.

3. Directors – Born in 1954, what director’s most recently released theatrical film was Avatar in 2009? For a three point bonus, what director made headlines in 2019 when he said “Marvel movies are not cinema?” Got the bonus, so we gained a bit of ground from that flub in question 2!

Round Three

1. Mythology – Where do people go when they dies in combat according to Norse beliefs?

2. Math – What is the name of the longest side of a right triangle?

3. Tech Mascots – First appearing in Microsoft Office in 1997, what is the name of the paper clip mascots offering hints about how to use the program?

Got all of these…

Halftime – Kelsey Grammer

Name the four sitcoms in which Kelsey Grammer appeared as Dr. Frasier Crane (one of them was in just one episode).

No teams got all of these correct. Turns out one of the episodes in which Grammer “appeared” as Frasier Crane involved stock footage and thus was not technically a “credited” role. That was just too much of a “deep cut” for every team in the room!

Oh well…

Scores at the half: Nine teams, scores 24 to 33 with the Warbling Warblers in first. We were in second with 31 tied with the Ham Wallets/aka Oedipus and…whatever name they’re using these days – and also tied with both of our teams was “Two.”

Round Four

1. Basketball – What NBA player holds the record for the highest average points per game? We decided not to answer this and use our “word of the day” which on this night was “xylem.”

2. Food – Discovered on a farm in Iowa in 1880, what is the most common type of apple in the world? Miss. And this isn’t the first time we’ve missed trivia questions about apples!

3. Presidents – Who was the only president to never have gotten married during his lifetime? “Rumor was he just wasn’t into women,” said one of our players during this discussion…

Round Five

1. Wars – In what war did the Battle of Jutland take place?

2. Board Games – A rapper appearing on The Twilight Zone’s 2002 reboot (hosted by Forest Whitaker) took his stage name from what Monopoly property? Thankfully, we made the right guess here…

3. Fading Stars – What star – previously one of the 10 brightest stars in the sky – started getting noticeably dimmer in January 2020? Mike all over this one…and if you say this word three times, a certain character from 1988 Tim Burton film is “supposed” to appear! But didn’t happen last night when I said the word three times (LOL)!

Round Six

1. Comic Books – Known for fighting Spider-Man, what is the “villain” name of the character Adrian Toomes? Ugh, a repeat of what happened with the Super Bowl question!  Right answer suggested, not put on the slip…

2. ’90s TV – Actor James Avery died in 2013 and was known for playing what character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Evan all over this…

3. Classic Cartoons – What blonde ascot-wearing character from Scooby-Doo was known for saying “Let’s split up, gang” in nearly every episode?

Scores heading into the final: Eight teams, scores 46 to 63 with the Warbling Warblers and us tied for first.

Final Category – Libraries

What American industrialist – born in Europe in 1835 – helped provide funding for more than 2,500 public libraries – most of them in the U.S. between the years of 1880 and 1930?

Remembered the right guy…and so did the team that was tied with us (and pretty much every other team in the room). Our tiebreaker question with the Warbling Warblers was “In what year was the Google company founded?” I decided to send Evan up to answer this one and he nailed it on the dot (nice work)! He asked on his way up, “How much money do we lose if I miss this?” I said “$10.” He also asked, “What happens if I get it wrong?” And Brad jokingly said, “We’ll just beat you to death.” JK, JK! If we actually beat each other up for these things, then we certainly would’ve been within our rights to beat up Brad for that Super Bowl miss for five! #shithappens

We plan to hit up a Sporcle spot tonight. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, John Larroquette!





One thought on “Trivia Recap – February 20, 2020 – Tower Inn

  1. Round One – Alaska, Nixon, Mr. Rogers

    Round Two – Grey’s Anatomy, Chiefs, James Cameron/Martin Scorsese

    Round Three – Valhalla, hypotenuse, clippy

    Halftime – Frasier, Cheers, Wings, John Larroquette Show

    Round Four – Michael Jordan, red delicious, buchanan

    Round Five – world war I, marvin gardens, betelgeuse

    Round Six – Vulture, Phillip Banks, Fred Jones

    final answer: Andrew Carnegie

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