Eight Years Ago Today…A Trivia Game Happened!

Though we had previously  played  trivia  games casually  a few times in an “unregistered” capacity, eight  years ago today – we played “for reals” for the first time. Queue  up the Foreigner  song “Feels Like The First Time” if you need “theme music” while  reading  this!

It all started with an e-mail from Sam, who mentioned  weekly trivia nights. The rest, as they say, is history – though we still consider Sammy to be our team’s  “founder” to this day. He was a great  “collaborative” player. He had lots of correct answers  in his brain, and the right collaboration  with others would  usually bring them out (kind of a hum a few bars and I’ll  fake it kind of thing).

I saw  the Facebook  post in “my memories” that comfirms that we played our first “league” game at the Corner Brewery (now  called Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery) eight  years ago today. We got first in game  1, second  in game 2.

Two months later, we’d  play in our  first semifinal  game at The Arena (now called Haymaker, we did not advance), four  months later we started playing  in a second trivia spot (Sticks), six months later we played  in our  first finals (Majestic Theater, Detroit), seven months later I made a Facebook  fan page for our  team and 11 months later we won prize money in our first finals tournament.

Now if I could only figure  out when I posted the very first full game trivia recap! Maybe  I’ll  need to do some sleuthing!

Eight years later, our team is still  holding its own despite having lost a good number  of all but our three founding members (me, Mike and Brad are the only founding members still playing  regularly). We’ve  acquired another regular player in 2017, whom has been very loyal – and helpful! Without  a vast network  of “helpers” from competing teams, we would certainly have struggled a bit more!

Sadly, we mourned the loss of a dear friend –  and valuable trivia comrade  named Archie – in 2019.

I don’t  know what 2020 has in store for us! So I’ll  just say…

Go Pods!

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