Trivia Recap – February 14, 2020 – Sticks (Thursday)

The ‘Pods split their ranks Thursday for the Sporcle Live trivia night at Sticks. Mike and I held down the for for the ‘Pods (we struggled a bit in game one) – and another of our players brought a date, and wanted to play separately since they were on a date. Well, we might not be very good at answering questions about TV series debuting in 2011, but we ARE good at NOT being cock blockers!

How did it go? The “date nighters” managed to get a first place/$15 prize, and the “Pod Couple” won a second place/$10 prize in game two. It was a good experiment, if nothing else! I’ve always tried to get players on our team to test their trivia “mettle” by playing solo, but only a couple of us have actually done it before.

And here I go with the questions, assume they’re all abridged/abbreviated.

Game One

1. Water – The largest river delta in North America lies in which U.S. state?

2. Scales – In geology and minerology, what specific quality does the Mohs scale measure?

3. Animals on Film – The movie MVP 2000 spawned two sequels, and in each of the three films, a chimpanzee named Jack learns to play a different sport. Name two of those sports – three for a bonus point. Is there enough booze in Russia to be able to watch all of these movies? Survey says? Total miss for us, pop culture reference not found.

4. ’70s Music – In what 1976 single would you hear the lyrics, “You can call it another lonely day?” Should’ve gotten this, but nope…

5. Rassling – Who earned the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Award for comeback of the year twice- once in 1994 after defeating Ric Flair – and another time in 2002 after defeating The Rock in Wrestlemania X8? Mike came up with right guess here for low.

6. Authors – What English author who died in 1964 was best known for his novels Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Casino Royale?

7. TV Families – Frank, Fiona, Lip, Ian, Earl, Debbie and Liam are the first names of the main family on what series that debuted in 2011? Nope, neither of us ever watched this – or heard of it.

8. Documents – Complete the preamble to the Declaration of Independence by filling in the six words coming after “When?”

9. Antagonists – Who is Luigi’s antagonist in the Mario Brothers video game series?

10. Companies- What company was founded in April, 1975 in Albuquerque, N.M. by Paul Allen and Bill Gates?

Mystery – Scrabble People – Identify the first and last names of the following people whose initials are letters that are at least 4 points value in Scrabble.

M1 – Mexican artist, born in 1907, known for her self portraits

M2 – Winner 2007 Master’s Tournament and the 2015 British Open

M3 – Actress playing Gabrielle Montez in the High School Musical movie series

M4 – Irish poet winning the Nobel Prize in 1923 and also served as a senator of the Irish Free State

Missed two of these…

Twelve teams, scores 28 to 56 with “Date Nighters” in first – and the “Pods Couple” in fourth with 53 points.

Final Category – Presidents

In addition to Ivy League schools, Union College in New York, and Georgetown University, there are two colleges or universities that educated multiple U.S. presidents. Name either of those two schools.

Got it, but so did the three teams ahead of us…

????, 74; Date Nighters, 76.

Game Two

1. Book Characters – What is the name of the character called “Man Cub” in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book? I actually had a nightmare involving the animals from this story a couple of nights ago. They were all in a zoo and due to budget cuts, the animals had to be fed to each other. I woke up before I had to see anything happen to Baloo!

2. Academy Awards – What film won best picture in 2020, making it the first foreign language film to win that award?

3. Conspiracy Theories – The Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington, D.C. was the center of a conspiracy theory known by what 9-letter name? For some reason Mike knew this…

4. Sketches – Audio clue of a clip we didn’t recognize…


Genghis Khan totally ravaging Oshman Sporting Goods…More about him in a bit!

5. World Leaders – What Mongol emperor’s name translates into English as “supreme ruler?” Also it means “He who totally ravaged Oshman’s Sporting Goods in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” #welcometomyweirdmind

6. Leagues – The Charlotte Sting, Houston Comets and Sacramento Monarchs were teams that were founded in 1997 for the debut season of what sports league? Thank the trivia gods that this was what we thought it was and not one of the many “alternative” football leagues that Brad likes to blather on about!

7. Art – Bear with me…I KNOW I’m going to screw up this question! What was the name of the ORIGINAL WORK by the artist Banksy that was partially shredded – and later incorporated into another piece called “Love is in the Bin?” Off our radar, miss.

8. Candy – What brand of sour candy made by the American Licorice Company comes in varieties including straws, ropes, bites, and twists? Another miss.

9. Disputes – Name either country laying claim to the 690 square foot area of land known as Golan Heights – both for a bonus point? Got one, not both…

10. Instruments – What keyboard instrument popular during the Renaissance and Baroque periods had strings that were plucked to make sound instead of being struck like a piano?

Visual Mystery –


Missed #3.

Scores heading into the final: Eight teams, scores ??? to 64, with Date Nighters in first. We were third with 59 points.

Final category – sports teams

There are three teams who play in the “Big Four” North American sports leagues that have team names that are the only team names in any of those leagues that start with that letter. One of those teams is the New York Yankees. Name the other two teams.

We might’ve given ourselves “incentive” to get both of these had we actually wagered on it. But we didn’t, and in this case, was enough to get us second place. Free Feta Bread finished first, unsure what points they had.

This is it for this week’s trivial pursuits! We’ll be back at Tower Inn next week after our brief hiatus. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ferruccio Lamborghini!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – February 14, 2020 – Sticks (Thursday)

  1. Game One – Louisiana, hardness, ice hockey/skateboarding/snowboarding, go your own way, hulk hogan, ian fleming, shameless, in the course of human events, waluigi, microsoft
    mystery – frida kahlo zack johnson, vanessa hudgens, william butler yeats
    final answer – west point, college of william and mary

    Game Two – Mowgli, parasite, pizzagate, jimmy fallon, wnba, girl with a balloon, sour punch, syria/israel, harpsichord

    mystery – germany, japan, u.k., italy

    final answers: vikings, eagles

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