Second Place Tonight…

So we beat the “house” team at the bar we invaded tonight – and beat one of the barhop teams we wanted to beat. So oh..yeah? We won a $20/second place prize. Not bad!

I was BEYOND LIT at tonight’s trivia game!Three drinks at Haab’s happy hour, two drinks at Corner Brewery (one of them fairly strong), two more at McShane’s –  I’m not at all sure I’ll be able to make heads or tails of my notes. But I will do my absolute best!

I couldn’t be prouder of my two trivia comrades Mike and Brad! I told myself I wasn’t going to cry! Really…those two blokes are my right arms in MTL games! Love them…

Recap Wednesday! Give me time, though…it may take time to reverse engineer some of those questions based on the answers!

Really though. Isn’t it  most important that I had a good time on Leslie Nielsen’s birthday?

Happy Birthday, Leslie Nielsen!

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