Thoughts On Today’s Crappy Work Day…

I was SO upset getting out of work today that I stopped to have lunch – and a beer – on my home from work. I wanted a chance to calm down a bit before my poor defenseless husband had to listen to me ranting about my shitty, shitty, work day. Will someone give me a medal already?

He’s told me before that I’m SO good at keeping my outward emotions in check (aka – so good at having a “poker face”)  – that even he doesn’t really know when I’m upset – unless I come out and say so.

Well, I came out and told him I was upset…and I’d be a little late coming home. He said to “Take all of the time you need.” I didn’t need much – just a lunch I didn’t have to prepare – and a cold glass of beer was all it took!

Here’s one meme that pretty much sums up my work day:


Next week this…person – will be on vacation!

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