Halftime Report – Current My Trivia Live Season (January 22, 2020)…

The current My Trivia Live season is “about” halfway done…

In October, 2019, me and my trivia team decided to get back on the My Trivia Live “horse.” I’m not being literal, of course – there was no actual mounting of actual horses! I think I’m actually allergic to horses – or at least I seemed to be when I was in fifth grade, and my friend Karen (whom was OBSESSED with horses) – took me out horseback riding. I spent the night at her house afterward – and I WHEEZED all night! I was using my inhaler…every hour #confessionsofasicklykid Was it something in their house? Was I allergic to horses? Don’t know! But I’m pretty happy I outgrew my childhood asthma by the time I was in my early 30s…

The point is…my trivia team – “The Pods”  – had found a local trivia spot that worked for pretty much all of our “regular” players! Tower Inn Wednesdays… for the win!

We’d previously played MTL games at Powell’s Pub – casually from 2016 to 2017 – and in 2018, we decided to go “all in” for possible tournament spots (winning two of them in this fashion). We also played for a little more than two years at The Wurst Bar and won several semifinals spots here.

We had our “reasons” for not wanting to play at either of those spots regularly anymore. We decided to switch from Wurst to Powell’s for…multiple reasons – but mainly because my husband and I would have a good chance at holding down that trivia spot as a duo (turned out I was right) – whereas at the more competitive Wurst Bar – having a 3-4 person team would be required to qualify there. Also, Brad had said he’d need us to drive him to the games at Wurst in bad weather…and we didn’t want to commit to doing that every week.

So why did we quit Powell’s? Well, let’s just say it lost its…charm. One, one of my favorite bartenders (Jaime) – moved away – and two, I had some “issues” I needed to work through at that time –  that involved stepping back significantly from competitive trivia for a few months.

As a means of attempting to accommodate Brad in lieu of driving him to every game (LOL), we decided we’d attempt to qualify for one season for the Sporcle Live tournaments at the Corner Brewery – which Brad could walk to (even in Siberia-like temperatures). So we played the Powell’s MTL games on Mondays – and the Sporcle Live games Wednesdays. We wound up placing fourth out of about…18 teams at the “venue tournament,” so though we made a valiant effort, Corner was NOT going to be the bar that would get us to finals!

Long story short, we would end up qualifying for finals by playing at Oscar’s on Saturday nights.  But that’s enough about our 2018 trivial pursuits, isn’t it? I’ll turn off that wayback machine now…

Let’s fast forward to now, shall we? We’re playing in a new MTL spot, haven’t had a score below 65 points, have been winning prize money on most weeks, and I’ve been getting four players there pretty much every week! Also, we’re in a pretty insurmountable lead. After all of the years we had to scrap, fight and claw our way into tournaments (in some cases, just barely being able to do it), it seems so odd being in this position! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the scrapping, fighting and clawing our way into trivia supremacy!

So what about Sporcle Live? As of now, I don’t have any specific plans to try qualifying us in that league. We’ll continue playing Sporcle Live games whenever possible, but as of now, a weekly “spot” just isn’t possible. I’m not really a fan of the 21-week seasons – and having to navigate the semifinals gauntlet at the end (much more difficult to get to finals than it was just winning a venue tournament). But I’m just one player – who cares about my opinion? And this player likes to say “never say never!” I can’t see far enough ahead to know for sure about whether we’ll be sitting in a Sporcle Live semifinals in June…or not!

Speaking of not being able to see into the future, who knows whether Tower Inn will continue as a trivia spot? I sure don’t! What would Frank Drebin From The Naked Gun have to say about all of this?


We’ll be playing at Tower Inn tonight. Recap after 1 p.m. Thursday!

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