(LOST RECAP) – Trivia Recap – July 28, 2016 – The Wurst Bar

Editor’s note: While researching a blog I’m working on about doodling (yes really), I found an old My Trivia Live score sheet and proceeded to search out the recap that matched the score sheet. I was unable to find that recap on this site, but I did manage to find it on my trivia team’s Facebook page. So here you go! 

The “Pods visited The Wurst Bar Wednesday for the first game of the new My Trivia Live season hosted by Stacy. Despite getting off to a shaky start – missing a five-point answer and one halftime answer (“Dean Koontz is a dime store Stephen King anyway,” someone uttered), we wound up winning a first place $30 gift card for knowing – and betting it all – on the final question. It’s always SO nice when Brad says, “Oh I know this.” But who knew that he knew about THIS topic, animal lover that he is? Zoologist? Hey, we’re not going to turn away the $30! ‘Pods in attendance included myself (Heather), Mike, Brad, Dave, and John, who brought a guest named Sylvia. We had a chance to meet last season’s venue champions, whom we only know as “Team Pants.” They always use a variation of the word pants in their names. Yes, we let them know we’ll be hanging around on Wednesday evenings for trivia shenanigans! And the questions…
Round One
1. Companies – What company uses the slogan “Quicker Picker Upper?” 5
2. National Memorials – In what U.S. state will you find Mount Rushmore? 3
3. Beer – What German beer takes its name from the German word for “storage?” Dave’s knowledge of German kicked in here for 3. And funny, I just had a very delicious beer of this kind at an Irish pub in Berkley Tuesday called Dortmunder Gold, made by Great Lakes Brewing Company. Beer…is there anything it can’t do?
Round Two
1. Industries – What is the two-letter term commonly used in the music industry to describe the talent scouting, marketing, and promotion of an artist? Nope, miss for 5.
2. Instruments – A luthier specializes in the repair and maintenance of what type of instrument? Finally they need me for an answer, lol…
3. Cosmetics – For what cosmetic company was Katy Perry a spokeswoman? Good guess for 3. For extra three point bonus, what is the name of the tattoo artist who appears on L.A. Ink? John all over that for an extra three points, WOOT!
Round Three
1. Presidents – Monticello, located in Virginia, is a mansion that was owned by what U.S. president? Yes, me thinks this will be a photo tie in. Yes, I know it’s not silly, but I actually have some pictures of this place!
2. Insects – A swallowtail is a type of what insect? Brad/Mike for 3.
3. Infamous Crimes (Brad nudged me because he knows this is one of my “pet” categories) – What was the nickname of Elizabeth Short, who was murdered in Los Angeles in 1947? And Brad came up with the answer before I did (smarty pants)! 1
Given the names of an author and a book series, and the names of pets in those books, identify the type of pets.
1. J.K. Rowling/Harry Potter – Hedwig
2. Laura Ingalls Wilder/Little House on the Prairie – Jack
3. Dean Koontz/The Watchers – Einstein
4. George R.R. Martin/Game of Thrones/Daenerys Targaryen
Missed #3, though John had a really really good guess. And actually bothered to read books by this guy. Sorry, man! Six points for this round.
Standings: Seventeen teams, scores 13 to 36, with Sabretooth in first place. We were in fifth with 31 points. “Come on, let’s back on the trivia horse, guys!” And how…
Round Four
1. Inventions – Reuben Tice was working on a device to do what, when it exploded, killing him instantly? Really? Was he that concerned about ugly prunes? How OCD can you get? See our Frank Drebin meme from a previous post for more about this guy. 6
2. States – What U.S. state is named after Queen Elizabeth I? 4
3. Measurements – What animal is measured using the non-standard measurement unit of hands? 2
Round Five
1. Greek Mythology – What is the name for the beautiful women whose singing caused sailors to sink their ships? 6
2. Electricity – Itaipu Dam, located on the Panama River, generates power for Brazil and what other South American country? There are only 12 South American countries, yet w couldn’t manage to pull the right one from our asses…(tsk, tsk…). Miss for 2. Many teams missed this one, however.
3. Countries – Located in Asia, what city-state was founded as a trading post in 1819? 4
Round Six
1. Mountains – The marker on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee claims you can see how many states? Now I’m starting to wonder if this question set may have been written by someone who just came back from a southern vacation! Outed…! Miss for 2.
2. Published in 1922, who wrote “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” NO teams got this correct, so shenanigans were called, and this question was used in its place:
2. Festivals – What state hosts the music and art festival called Coachella, in which many celebrities make appearances? That’s more like it, 4.
3. Rallies – Sturgis, S.D. is known for holding an annual rally in the first week of August annually involving what? 6.
Standings: Sixteen teams, scores ranging frmo 19 to 66, with Drinking Team With a Trivia Problem in first. We were tied with another team for third with 63 points.
Final Category: Hunting
Since the early 1990s, the U.S. has banned the use of what in the hunting of waterfowl? Brad was all over this. “I used to hunt, fish, trap…” And this was the first we learned of his former life as Elmer Fudd, lol! Way to go, “Bradinator!”
Final standings: Third, ??? 100 points; second, Pocket Pool Sharks, 104, first, ‘Pods, 126. Until next time…and as tough as this to say…I think we’re done with trivia for the week! I would LOVE to be a spectator at one tonight’s Sporcle Live venue tournaments, but that’s just not in the cards. I have a friend coming to visit, and if I shanghaied her into playing a trivia game after coming all that way, what kind of friend would I be? One exacting poetic justice (cough)? We’ll be taking a break from trivia for a few days. YES REALLY. Next week is a Sporcle bye week, so we might visit an MTL spot we haven’t been to in a spell. Or not. As always, Go Pods! And best of luck to teams still trying to qualify for finals tonight! I’ll try to send my smartest thoughts your way telepathically!

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