Trivia Recap – November 25, 2019 – Sporcle Live State Championships (Lansing, MI)

Another player took some notes at Michigan’s Sporcle Live state (pub trivia) championship Saturday in Lansing, MI. Please assume the questions you are about to read are  abbreviated/abridged versions of the questions that  were asked, assume there  were additional qualifiers to the questions presented to the players that you’re  not going to see.

Congratulations to The Moops for winning first!

I’m going to put my guesses for the correct answers in purple type (because I really, really like purple).

Round One:

  1. ANIMALS: Indian, Sumatran, Black, White, and Javan are the only living varieties of what animal? Rhinoceros
  2. RAP: Billboard’s #1 Top 100 song was held for the most weeks by a female solo rapper in 2014 until 2019, when record was tied. Name 2014 song or artist. No clue, this is why we keep a Millennial on retainer (LOL)
  3. Highways: Route 40 goes from North Carolina to California, going through three state capitals in addition to Raleigh, NC.   Name one. I really need to get around to hiring a trucker to play with our trivia team (LOL)! I did look up the answer but  I had no frickin’ clue…
  4. PEACE: The Peace of Westphalia in 1648 ended what Central European conflict, named after its duration? My guess would  be Seven Years  War, but I would lean on  Brad/Mike for this. And I see my guess is wrong.
  5. TEAM NAMES: What team name was shared from 1979-1998, and not before or after, by an NHL and an NFL team? No idea.
  6. Oscar Non-Winners: This actor was nominated for these four roles (Max Schreck, Vincent van Gogh, Sergeant Elias Grodin, & Bobby Hicks) but never won. Christopher Walken
  7. TV Robots: This 1980s TV show featured a robot named Vicki, disguised as a daughter of the Lawson family. Small Wonder. Wow…I can’t believe they FINALLY got around to asking about THIS series (one of my teammates, Dave, used to love this show when it aired).
  8. Gaming: Which Playstation controller symbol is the same color (green, as it turns out) as this Xbox button and this N64 button? Not it.
  9. AIRLINES: This Dubai airline serving 80 countries flies the most Boeing 777s. Again, not it.
  10. BOOK CHARACTERS: This woman of Greek legend was the subject of a 1925 Erskine novel focusing on her life after returning to Sparta with her husband. Was this the woman who was married to Odysseus? Her name escapes me…nope, it’s not her.

Mystery round was a matching before & after; 8 clues, in 4 sets of 2, which make before & after clues. Clues not given together or in order; pairs needed to be discovered. Some were clever.

Dr. Mark Greene on ER

Show hosted by Seth Meyers among others

Villain on The Simpsons’ ride

Movie Featuring “Once Upon a Dream”

1994 Warren G Single

Stephen King sequel novel

2009 Sandra Bullock film

NBA Leading Scorer in 2013

Uh, not going to attempt to answer these  by myself. I’ll guess “Doctor Sleep” as the Stephen King sequel novel and Saturday Night Live as the show hosted by Seth Myers

Round 2

  1. POPULAR FOOD: Grubhub listed this Hawaiian food as its #1 most ordered item in 2017 and 2nd in 2018 only to bean burritos. I’m guessing Poi.
  2. UNDER THE SEA: The Nazca tectonic plate lies off of which of the seven continents? South  America.
  3. MLB Players: Of the 22 players whose numbers the NY Yankees have retired, which is the only one who did not win a World Series with the Yankees, retiring in 1995? Roger Clemens? No idea, Roger Clemens is almost always my default baseball answer.
  4. LATE NIGHT TV: Which show has won the last four years’ Emmy for Prime Time Variety Talk Show?
  5. PRESIDENTS: According to the Nobel Prize Archive, which three presidents were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but never won? (It turns out that there are more, but who cares.)
  6. ADS: This company followed up its 2018 “Dream Crazy” campaign with 2019 “Dream Even Crazier” featuring these people (e.g., Chloe Kim).
  7. Scientific Measurements: The Chandrasekhar limit improves the accuracy of calculation of the highest possible mass of this type of celestial object.
  8. GUITARISTS: The 2015 Rolling Stone list of the top 100 guitarists of all time had three of its top 15 with this same four-letter last name, even though they are not related.
  9. HIGHEST GROSSING ROLES: Heath Ledger’s highest grossing role was The Dark Knight, by far. Name two of the next three movies with the highest grosses, all of which grossed $50 million or more. I’m guessing A Knight’s Tale and 10 Things I Hate About You. I think one of these is correct.
  10. Whose name is associated with the foundation that spends the most on Parkinson’s Disease? My guess is Michael J. Fox


Mystery: Four current events questions.

  1. Who announced that an opera called “Nebuchadnezzar” would be performed on November 24th (today) at the Hollywood Bowl? The way this was written, we couldn’t tell whether the announcement or the opera (or both) happened on the 24th (today) or at the Hollywood Bowl or somewhere else.
  2. Which type of animal was saved from a wildfire by a woman who cited “basic instinct”?
  3. What film became the first R-rated film to gross $1 billion at the box office?
  4. Sorry, forgot #4.


FINAL: Name the two easternmost states whose capitals can be spelled entirely with chemical symbols from the Periodic Table. Only four teams out of 36 got this right. An easier version asked for two of four states that bordered water that could be so spelled out.

I “cheated” since I am playing at home by looking at lists of capitals and elements and only found two. Neither would be considered “east” by anyone’s definition.

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