Trivia Recap – October 31, 2019 – Tower Inn

Our “three amigos” met up for trivia Wednesday at Tower Inn. We weren’t quite old enough to get a question about an ABC Western TV series that debuted in 1949 correct, but a team sitting by us complained about being “too young” to answer a question we had about fax machines!

“We were born after the fax machine,” they said.

Since fax machines first game into widespread use in the late 1980s, their story makes sense! I remember when I worked in an office and I would get all excited when I got a “fax!” Even more excited when I could actually READ it! All manners of things would come in to the office where I worked via fax – death notices, obituaries, press releases, agendas for board meetings. Did people send letters to the editor via fax? Possibly!

Sometimes trivia is like a bowl of porridge, only instead of being too hot or too cold – the question could be “too young” or “too old!”

We finished with 60 points heading into the final and won a second place/$20 prize. Nobody got the final question correct…

And here I go with the questions, please assume they will all be heavily abbreviated…

Round One

1. U.S. States – The Supreme Court of what state is located in the French Quarter near Bourbon Street?

2.. TV Jingles – What soap brand used the jingle, “You’re not fully clean until you’re (blank) clean?”

3. Locomotion – From 1902 to 1967, the 20th Century Limited Express Train traveled between New York and which city? Newsletter answer…

Round Two

1. Around the Office – FAX when referring to the office machine is short for what? The team sitting in front of us said they were too young for this one!


2. Movies – What 1994 superhero film features Jim Carrey as a bank clerk named Stanley?

3. Seasonal Time – In folklore, what non-specific time refers to a 60 minute period which might be filled with supernatural activity? Bonus, what is the name for the sweetbread baked in the days leading up to the Day of the Dead in Mexican tradition? Missed the bonus.

Round Three

1. Calendar – If a month has a Friday the 13th, what day does the month begin?

2. Magazines- What women-centered magazine that published its first issue in 1937 and will publish its last issue in December, 2019? Miss.

3. Comedy Teams – What comedy team is best known for its “Who’s on First” bit?

Halftime – Music of the Season

Given the release year and song title, identify the artist or band who recorded the song.

H1 1972, Superstition

H2 1998, Dragula

H3 1992, Creep

H4 1970, Green Eyed Lady

Missed #4.

We were tied for first with 32 points at the half with the team using the name I took Mine Off.

Round Four

1. Classic TV – What ABC Western series aired from 1949 to 1957 and starred Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels? Yup, this was an instance of 404: Pop culture reference not found for all three of us…miss.


2. U.S. Presidents – Both serving in the 20th century, identify one of the two U.S. presidents who were originally Quakers. Knew both, got this…When my husband referred to one of these guys by his nickname, a “heckler” from a rival team said, “That’s Richard to you!” WTF? Were we in school? Tower I

3. Ships – What is the technical term for the back part of a ship? I knew that between Brad (son of a sailor) and Mike (grandson of a sailor) they wouldn’t miss this!

Round Five

1. Local TV – What was the name of the TV personality whom appeared on WKBD channel 50 and WXON TV 20 and hosted a show featuring bad horror movies? Brad was able to find this pop culture reference in his head…Mike and I a little too young to remember this guy… (seen below – he died this year).


2. Bodies of Water – What salt lake is bordered by Jordan and Israel?

3. Michigan Geography – At 209 square miles, what is the largest island in Lake superior and the second largest island located in all of the Great Lakes?

Round Six

2. Around the Kitchen – The item called “double cream” is called what in the U.S.? Miss.

2. Talk Shows – Whom was the original host of A Current Affair? Miss.

3. Guest Appearances – What actor who played Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters was the first guest on Late Night with David Letterman?

Finished with 60 points heading into the final, which put us in second behind “I Took Mine Off.”

Final Category – Horror Films


What is the name of the fictitious toy that becomes occupied by the soul of Charles Ray in the 1988 movie Child’s Play?

No teams got this correct, we came up with one component of the correct answer. Low wagers prevailed, final standings did not change…

A weekend trivia game MAY be on the  horizon! We called off our plans to play Monday and tonight, so…stay tuned! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, the Great Pumpkin!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – October 31, 2019 – Tower Inn

  1. round one: louisiana, zest, chicago
    round two: facsimile, the mask, witching hour/panera muertos (sp)
    round three: sunday, family circle, abbott/costello
    halftime – stevie wonder, white zombie/rob zombie, radiohead, sugarloaf
    round four – lone ranger, hoover/nixon, stern
    round five – the ghoul, dead sea, isle royale
    round six – whipped cream, maury povich, bill murray
    final answer: good guy

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