Well, We Lost Our Lead At Sticks…So We’re Recalibrating Our End of Season Game Plan!

You know how when you’re driving your car into unfamiliar areas and you have a trusty GPS voice (maybe from your phone or from your car’s navigation system or maybe even one of those old school handheld GPS thingies people used to use to find geocaches) telling you when to turn, how far up your turn is and how pretty you look? What? Your GPS doesn’t tell you how nice you look? Then clearly you need a new GPS system!

You probably also know what happens when you take a wrong turn and your GPS lady says “recalibrating route.” If it were my voice, it would sound very irritated and be preceded with a very long sigh. And probably include the word “dumbass.”

Well then! What we THOUGHT was a pretty clear route to a “first day pick” semifinal spot at Sticks on Monday nights is…not to be. I don’t see us being able to win a first-day pick spot playing here – we just lost our lead by about 30 points, and since all of our remaining “low” scores are 121 points and higher, I don’t see us being able to perform any miracles over the next two games. Also, one of my players, Brad, has said he wants to only play once a week, and I need him more at the Wednesday My Trivia Live games at Tower Inn. Since he’s pushing 60, he’s pretty much our “star quarterback” in the MTL games! All of that said, we’re not going to continue with the Monday games at Sticks until further notice – unless Mike and I just happen to play there “for fun.”

What we WILL do is play the last two remaining games of the Sporcle Live season at a new spot – Lucky’s Market – starting next week on Halloween. by doing so, we stand a chance of winning a “first day pick” semifinal spot. I know, I know – it’s just “bragging rights,” but dammit – we worked hard at Sticks for 18 long, long weeks! I’m going on record as saying I’m NOT a fan of the 21 week seasons. If these continue into 2020, I’m giving serious thought to focusing more on playing My Trivia Live games and flying more casual with the Sporcle games. I just don’t have the resources to pull off a win at a single spot over a 21-week season.

I still want to play one more Milan game (either The Owl or Original Gravity) before the season is done. I may try playing a solo game this coming Thursday if I can escape with the car! Maybe Dave will be able to join me – but I certainly don’t want Mike to come (he so hates playing at OG). Stay tuned!

I’ll be posting a recap of Monday’s game, visual rounds, updating the captain’s logs in a bit!

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