Update On My “Quest for Pants”

Woe is me for being a hard-to-fit person…

Last weekend, I ordered several pairs of pants – in the hopes that I would get at least one pair of “work pants,” one pair of jeans, and one pair of exercise leggings. I ordered them all in women’s “tall” sizes that aren’t available in stores. So I ordered pants in three different “pants” categories. What was the result? I’ll let a Meat Loaf album cover do the talking here…



I accomplished two of those things – one of the pairs of jeans I really, really like – slim fit through the thighs/seat, nice and dark (dark hides all sins LOL) and the exercise leggings will do just fine! And the exercise leggings even have side pockets (a place to put my phone). More about pockets in a bit (it’s an important plot point).

All THREE of the pairs of “work pants” I ordered are going to have to go back. Why? Well, it’s not because they don’t fit – it’s because NONE OF THEM HAVE FRONT POCKETS! Why do clothing manufacturers think women don’t need pockets on their pants? Add that to the countless “mysteries of the universe” I was pondering yesterday!

I think I actually ordered more “work pants” than this – but one of the pairs I ordered wasn’t in stock so didn’t make the final cut.

I tried looking close – zooming in on the photos to see if they had pockets BEFORE I ordered them! I was obviously…pantsboozled. So again I go back to the singular pair of “work pants” I have in my rotation (though I do have an older pair I can wear that are still in OK condition).

My employer does offer occasional “jean days” at work, so I COULD wear jeans to work. But I won’t. Why? I don’t want to “ruin” my jeans by wearing them at work! I have a bit of a “rough and tumble” job – #1, heavy denim fabric isn’t comfy in a non-climate controlled environment (particularly when it’s warm), and #2, I get a bit “dirty” at work. I sometimes (actually, pretty much all of the time) come home looking like I got attacked by a mailing tape monster. When my mom used to work where I work, it was cute when she would try to pick the pieces of tape off my shirt. Does a mama ever stop trying  to keep her baby clean? Asking for a friend! I’d just tell her that it was a losing battle!

Dare I continue with the pointless quest to find a pair of “work pants?” Sigh…I’m almost afraid to!

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