Lying Low Today…

Hey blog readers…I”m a bit “beat” today, so I will be lying a bit low and not posting too many blogs today. I can never seem to get enough sleep when I have to work on a Sunday. Going to bed at a “reasonable hour” on a Saturday just doesn’t…happen with me.  Also, today was day one of what is likely to be a very busy week for me at work. Thanks for understanding! I’ll be playing a trivia game Monday night, so I’ll have a recap to share next Tuesday.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by! I’ll post something more “interesting” on here when inspiration strikes! One blog topic I’ve been thinking about tackling involves TV series that…I abandoned – for whatever reasons. One recent series I recently decided to stop watching was Santa Clarita Diet. I enjoyed it at first, but…let’s just say a certain scene involving a bathtub made me too…queasy. I can handle quite a lot of “dark” subject matter, violence, etc. – but even I have my limits!

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