Fact Du Jour – August 5, 2019 -Another Song Written About Rosanna Arquette?


Rosanna by Toto wasn’t the only song written about Rosanna Arquette! Though the band claims multiple girls serves as the real inspiration for the song (OK, guys…). Arquette was dating the keyboardist for the band at the time.

So what’s this other song? It’s that song that you might know best as the “boombox song” from the 1989 movie Say Anything.


John Cusack in Say Anything

If you guessed the Peter Gabriel song In Your Eyes, you’re correct! Peter Gabriel was dating Rosanna Arquette, who actually encouraged Gabriel to give permission to use this song in the Cameron Crowe movie. Through some glitch, instead of sending a rough cut of Say Anything to Gabriel to view first, they sent a copy of the John Belushi film Wired! The rest is… cinematic history!

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