It’s a Good Day To Go To “The Movies!”

It’s supposed to hit 90 degrees today in Southeast Michigan, United States – and today, we’ve decided to escape the heat not just by sitting in our air-conditioned condo – but to go to the movies! Yes…see a movie in an actual theater, not something we do very often. What are we going to see today?


If you guessed The Dead Don’t Die, you win a washer/dryer set! A REAL washer/dryer set, not those “stackable” things they have in apartments!

Just last night, my husband and I watched BlackKklansman, which also featured Adam Driver, who received a supporting actor Oscar nod for his role (several other Oscar nominations too, including best picture). And this sparked a discussion about guys “who are both ugly and hot/sexy at the same time.” It’s a blog topic I’ve been thinking about for a while now – and Adam Driver would DEFINITELY make the list! Yes I noticed when he was shirtless in that new Star Wars movie (yes I did…).  Jemaine Clement would also make my “list.”


Jemaine Clement – ugly – and hot and the same time. Plus, creativity and intelligence is such a huge part of “attraction,” at least for me..

For me, imperfections can have an appeal all their own. Perfect faces are…boring to me. No “pretty boys!” If a guy spends more time primping in front of a mirror than I do, it’s a no go!  BTW, I spend very little time primping in front of a mirror before I go out, so I’ve set the bar quite high!

I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this movie today…


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