Summer/Fall 2019 Sporcle Live Season Recap (Updated November 3, 2019)

Editor’s note: This post will take a look back at the Summer/Fall 2019 Sporcle Live trivia season – in particular, my team’s scores at all of the “regulation” games. It will be updated periodically until the season completes in November, 2019. To view our “stats” for the first half of the year, check out this other blog.

Just to avoid confusion, this post will take a “deeper” look at our trivia games than the Captain’s Log.

Sporcle Live announced some big changes for their pub trivia leagues in December, 2018. Teams playing at bars/restaurants every week would have only the highest 12 scores out of a maximum of 21 scores count – which means the lowest scores would get thrown out. Teams finishing at the top of the heap at the end would have first “grab” at RSVPs (on day one) for the semifinal games, and teams playing 15 games or more at any combination of bars/restaurants throughout the season would have “second pick” on the next day and teams playing at least seven games would be able to RSVP on the third day. For more information, visit their web site here.

Under the “old” format, teams only needed to play at least half the games during the season, accumulating “tournament” points based on how they placed in weekly games (teams finishing first would get 15 points, second place teams 12 points, third place teams 9 points, etc.). At the end of season “venue tournaments,” those tournament points would be added to scores, and the winners of those games would advance to finals. Under this format, which was in place from the spring of 2015 to December, 2018, my team NEVER failed to advance to finals – even if we had to attempt to qualify in more than one bar – or use “barhop” (which is no longer allowed). I actually began to dislike the “barhop” means of qualifying for finals because I didn’t feel my team was really “earning” its way to the big dance (I guess I’m really just a tough old school marm at heart, LOL)! So we stopped using the “barhop” means of getting to finals after the winter/spring season in 2017.

The My Trivia Live pub trivia league still allows teams to “barhop” as a means of avoiding semifinal games. The top ten teams in the “barhop” standings get to bypass semifinal games. This requires teams playing (and I’m only guessing here) at LEAST three times a week *minimum.* The top teams in the barhop standings play 5-7 times a week. I know some teams with players who play all seven nights of the week. I know one team in particular with players who play four MTL games a week – and three Sporcle Live games a week.  No…joke! I’m not judging – but even with as much as I love trivia games my “cup” would runneth over with that kind of nightly schedule. I honestly don’t know how these players can keep up that kind of momentum – though my team engaged in its own barhop craziness back in 2012 when various “swag” was on the line (personalized hoodies).

We’re doing trivia a bit differently in the second half of 2019 than we did in the first half. We’re playing more “for reals” this time, and will (hopefully) earn at least one semifinal spot at the end of all of the madness. Maybe even TWO! Occasionally, we’ll also “help out” another MTL team by logging scores under their league number…

Summer/Fall 2019 Scores – Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods

A list of all of the places we’ve played week by week this past season – and our scores…

Week 1 – (June 17-23) – 124, Sticks(Monday); 97, Sticks (Thursday) 

Week 2 – (June 24- June 30) – 147, Sticks(Monday); 110, 

The Owl Morning Til Night,  

Week 3 – (July 1-July 7) – Sticks(Monday), 123;  The Owl Morning Til Night, 100

Week 4 – (July 8- July 14) – 147, Sticks(Monday), 96, Sticks (Thursday)

Week 5 – (July 15-July 21) – 95, Sticks(Monday), 97, The Owl Morning Til Night

Week 6 – (July 22-July 28) – 135, Sticks(Monday), 90,  The Owl Morning Til Night

Week 7 – (July 29-Aug. 4) – 84, Sticks(Monday), 140, Sticks (Thursday)

Week 8 – (Aug. 5-Aug. 11) – 114, Sticks(Monday)

Week 9 – (Aug. 12-Aug. 18) -78 Sticks(Monday), 152, The Owl Morning Til Night

Week 10 – (Aug. 19-Aug. 25) – 132, Sticks(Monday), 108 Sticks (Thursday)

Week 11 – (Aug. 26-Sept. 1) – 82, Sticks(Monday), 126, Sticks (Thursday)

Week 12 – (Sept. 2-Sept. 8) 139, Sticks

Week 13 – (Sept. 9-Sept. 15) – 121, Sticks (Monday), 123, Sticks (Thursday)

Week 14 – (Sept. 16-Sept. 22) – 136, Sticks (Monday), 89, The Owl Morning Til Night

Week 15 – (Sept. 23-Sept. 29) – 127, Sticks (Monday), 119, The Owl Morning Til Night

Week 16 – (Sept. 30-Oct. 6) – 124, Sticks (Monday),  91, The Owl Morning Til Night

Week 17 – (Oct. 7-Oct. 13) – 159, Sticks (Monday), 76, Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (one game) 91, Original Gravity Brewing Co.

Week 18 – (Oct. 14-Oct. 20) – 83, Sticks (Monday), 109, Sticks (Thursday)

Week 19 – (Oct. 21-Oct. 27) – 135, Sticks (Monday), 114, Original Gravity Brewing Company

Week 20 – (Oct. 28-Nov. 3) – 156, Oscar’s Sports and Grill

Week 20 – (Nov. 4-Nov. 10) –


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