Part Deux – MORE Winona Ryder Before And After Questions!


Show of hands who has actually seen this movie? It’s one of my husband’s favorites. My favorite quote from this movie is, “It’s good to want things.” It fits SO well into so many different conversations! And it’s such a polite way of saying “no.”

Winona Ryder Before And After Questions

Answers will be in the comments…but seriously – try to get these before resorting to peeking! 🙂
Also, I offer no apologies whatsoever for some of these references being really, really obscure! If you’re following this blog site, I presume you are at least an armchair level trivia addict, if not an AP student in trivia!

1. Winona Ryder’s former roommate/star of Shakespeare in Love and popular children’s song typically sung in rounds

2. Co-creator of Seinfeld and full name of Soul Asylum lead singer (whom Winona Ryder formerly dated).

3. Number one hit for El Debarge in 1986 from Short Circuit soundtrack and name of “heartthrob” actor Winona Ryder dated in the 1990s

4. Animated cartoon mouse and 1994 movie adapted from a novel in which Winona Ryder appeared

5. Second book in Judy Blume’s “Fudge” series (with a female name in the title) and 1989 biopic in which Winona Ryder appeared


6. 1990 fantasy film starring Winona Ryder and name of character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1979 Hal Needham film The Villain (pictured above)

7. Title of both a Beatles song and movie from 1964 and a 1991 movie in which Winona played a character named “Corky”

8. Name of 2004 film starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston and first/last name of Petaluma, CA murder victim for whom Winona Ryder helped raise $200,000 in award money when police were still searching for her

9. ’80s band recording hits including Broken Wings/Kyrie and 2002 film in which Winona Ryder co-starred with Adam Sandler

10. (THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE) – A 2006 film based on a Phillip K. Dick novel and full name of character played by Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice.


One thought on “Part Deux – MORE Winona Ryder Before And After Questions!

  1. 1. Gwyneth Paltrow Row Row Your Boat

    2. Larry David Pirner

    3. Who’s Johnny Depp

    4. Stuart Little Women

    5. Otherwise Known as Sheila The Great Balls of Fire

    6. Edward ScissorHandsome Stranger

    7. A Hard Days Night on Earth

    8. Along Came Polly Klaas

    9. Mr. Mister Deeds

    10. A Scanner DarkLydia Deetz

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