“Biker” Nights In Ypsi – More Entertaining Than TV!

My husband and I decided to go into the “historic” section of Ypsilanti, MI near the railroad tracks more commonly referred to by locals as “Depot Town” last night. If you’re a local, you probably already know that Tuesday is “motorcycle cruise night.” This means folks with “Hogs” and other assorted motorcycles and motorcycle-like things converge on Depot Town to “hang out.” This means revving their engines, wearing their designated “attire,” blaring their tunes, and just “shooting the shit (more about “shit” in a bit).” It’s a rough atmosphere, to be sure – but it’s also a “party atmosphere.”

You would also be wise to  watch your step – in more ways than one!


A biker’s dog did this in the Aubree’s parking lot…My husband and I were sitting at a rooftop bar where we could see if people stepped in this – or not. He got mad at me when I warned a group of “hipsters” to watch their steps. Hey…I don’t wish for ANYONE to have to clean dog shit off their shoes (well, maybe certain people). It wound up getting flattened and spread out by multiple cars driving through. I’ll still try to remember it’s there when I go to Aubree’s!

Here are some more pics of the “festivities” from our rooftop “perch:”



That blue bike was pretty cool – especially when it was all lit up!

I also snapped a pic of the historic “Thompson Block” building, which is supposed to open up for business in the fall of 2019:


The historic “Thompson Block” building at Cross and River Streets in Ypsilanti has had many uses over the past century and a half, including Civil War barracks, a car dealership, etc. Plans are for a whiskey bar, restaurant and loft apartments to be part of the new renovated building (read more about that here).

I can’t help but wonder about parking…where will the people living in this building park – and where will the people flocking to Depot Town to visit the new businesses park? The “main” parking lot in Depot Town is “rumored” to be fixed this year, which will block out even more parking spots. When events are going on in Depot Town and the “Freighthouse” building (which frequently gets rented for events such as weddings) it’s tough to find parking as it is! Ugh…if you’re a local – you’ll adapt!

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