Want To Know How I Got This Scar? Playing An Outdoor Trivia Game!

About a year ago, I played a trivia game outdoors at a bar called Powell’s Pub in Ypsilanti. You can read a recap of that game here.


No, Mr. Joker! I’d rather find out how you got your EMOTIONAL scars!

I got nailed by a mosquito – or a fly – toward the end of this game, and got a bite on the back of my right calf. Being that it was…itchy, I scratched it – and scratched it – and eventually, it got kind of…scabby. I’ll spare y’all any more gruesome details, but I had to “intervene” with an alcohol prep pad to keep the thing from getting infected. And I still have the dark mark on my leg (sorry, no pics).

I discovered a couple of months later – by accident – that witch hazel extract works wonderfully at taking the “itch” out of bug bites. Be sure you have a bottle of this stuff around your house (it works for SO many things). Especially important in summer, when the bugs are bitin’! Hey, anything to keep the kids from whining, right?

Want more “tips” about bugs? Check out this other blog I wrote…

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